Make the most of your weekend getaway


We all love a good weekend getaway don’t we? We spend Monday through Friday fantasizing what the weekend holds in store for us – the only part that isn’t so much fun is prepping for your journey. Since we don’t have self-packing suitcases (yet), we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to make packing for a long weekend away as quick and easy as possible.


Pack basic pieces, not outfits


Aside from the weekends you’re flying for special events like weddings and anniversaries, you probably don’t need to bring your finest statement pieces. (Plus it’s nice to avoid the hassle of bringing a garment bag on board.) You also don’t want to have to stuff your suitcase with half your wardrobe.


It’s easy to fall into the “but I might need this!” trap when packing, so instead plan ahead as so: Bring your favorite black dress as well as a scarf, cardigan or a couple different accessories that could pair well with it. Pack your favorite pair of jeans and two blouses that each pair well with them – one more casual, the other more appropriate for a night out.


If you pack your favorite basics along with a couple of accessorizing or layering options to change up the outfit for whatever occasion you encounter, you can save a lot of space in your suitcase. And as long as you’re wearing basics like black dresses, jeans and white button-downs, no one will notice if you repeat the same pieces a few times. We promise, the world will not stop turning just because you didn’t launder in between wears. No one will even notice! (Probably.)


Our favorite basics for fall:

fall basics

Nike Air Max 90s

MIH Jeans Sweater

Alexander Wang shirt

Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jeans

Acne Studios Black Dress

Madewell Black Tee

Givenchy Paisley Scarf

Michael Kors Watch


Roll, don’t fold


This trick is simple Packing 101, so if you’re not already doing this every time you travel, start! The most efficient way to pack and maximize the amount of space in your suitcase is to roll your clothing. Just like rolling a sleeping bag, lay your clothing flat and then roll them into little logs of clothing as slim as possible.



You’re better than this.


Bring flexible footwear


The only thing that takes up more space in your suitcase than clothing is shoes. If you can manage packing only one pair – or traveling with only the pair you’re wearing – then that’s an impressive feat (pun intended).


You can do this! It might sound challenging to choose only one from your favorites, but something like a Chelsea boot (like this pair from Barney’s) is perfect because you can dress it up or down. If you really must choose two pairs of shoes, wear your biggest, bulkiest pair on the plane, and slip a compact pair of flats into your luggage.


Wear your thickest piece on the plane


In addition to your bulkiest boots, don your biggest, heaviest sweater or jacket for the plane ride. You’ll save a ton of space in your luggage and/or carry-on, and plane rides are known to get chilly every now and then – especially if your row partner in the seat next door likes to keep those overhead AC vents open.


Our favorite coats of the season:

fall coats

Acne Studios Blue Coat

Miu Miu Quilted Down Coat

Proenza Schouler Gabardine Coat

Stella McCartney Tweed Coat

Mango Quilted Coat


Make your toiletries carry-on friendly


Avoiding checking luggage saves tons of time and hassle on your journey – you can check-in online and print your boarding pass before heading to the airport so that you can make a beeline for security, or at least you can print your boarding pass and a self-help kiosk without having to wait in line to check any baggage.


Stockpile samples! American TSA rules limit liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes to 3.4 oz (100 mL) or less per item. Purchase your favorite products in handy travel size – save your favorites from your Birchbox membership, bring your FOREO LUNA™ mini and other skincare essentials, and head to Sephora and try a handy kit like the Make Me Smile set – the FOREO ISSA™ electric toothbrush with silicone bristles and the Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Lip Mask and Lip Balm are great to bring on board – the lip mask and balm protect against the dry air on the airplane, and then once you de-plane, freshen up with a quick brush using the ISSA™. Plus, your ISSA™ makes for a great travel device – charge it once for an hour and it lasts up to 200 uses.


Organize your chargers


For those devices that need more regular charging, pack smart. Avoid the frustrations of tangled wires at the bottom of your bag. Use twist ties to loop up and secure your phone charger, tablet or e-reader charger and your earbuds (And resist the temptation to simply throw them back into your bag without re-tying them!)


How small can you go?


When most of us think of carry-on luggage, we picture the typical small suitcase on wheels, which of course are usually the best option in terms of size and convenience. However, sometimes the overhead bins on the plane fill up quickly and you’re left with no choice but to check it – which is sometimes no big deal, but sometimes a pain if you had items in there you wanted to use during your flight.


The real challenge now becomes – can you pack even lighter than one of these typical carry-ons? If you can rise to this challenge, a big oversized shoulder bag might offer the most convenient solution to packing for a weekend getaway. You can tuck it underneath the seat in front of you and easily access it whenever you need anything from it. Plus, it’s an excuse to buy a new bag – here are a few we love:


travel bags

Barney’s New York Weekender Bag


Michael Kors Bucket Bag

3.1 PHILLIP LIM 31 Hour Tote Bag

Mulberry Backpack

COS Holdall

Topshop Satin Backpack