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How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

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Makeup is a great way to express yourself, have fun, and look fantastic. The nicest aspect is that there are no rules when it comes to makeup. When you have a brush in your hands, the world is your oyster as you drag the brush across your face and create a masterpiece. You experience incomparable freedom as you unleash your inner artist. We may not always become professional artists on our first try, but each of us has incredible potential.  To apply makeup like a pro, it's all about technique, practice, and a few simple tips. Whether you're a makeup enthusiast or a beginner, by mastering the art of makeup, you can still elevate your beauty game to the next level. Here are some essential steps to help you achieve flawless and professional-looking makeup:

Skin prep

Get ready to slay your makeup game with a killer skin prep! Say goodbye to dullness and pesky bacteria by giving your skin a pre-makeup treat. Use the UFO 2™  device, your personal skin spa, for the ultimate experience. For an extra dose of moisture, team it up with the H2Overdose UFO™ activated mask – hydration like never before! No more dry and crusty makeup disasters! We've got your back, especially if you're rocking that gorgeous oily skin. The Matte Maniac, UFO™  activated mask is here to banish excess shine and oil, leaving you with a flawless base. Get ready to unleash the ultimate hydration and a stunning glow, all in the comfort of your home. Let's make your makeup dreams come true!

Perfect your base

Now that your skin has been prepared, it is time to select the best foundation for you. Identify your skin type and ensure that all of your products are either oil- or water-based. That way, all of the products will glide together perfectly and effortlessly. Continue with the remainder of your cream products, such as concealer, bronzer, and blush, after applying your foundation. 

Set! Set! Set!

If you prefer a more natural and lightweight look, focus on setting the areas that tend to get more oily naturally, such as your nose and forehead, but don’t forget about your bronzer and blush. Oh, and don’t forget your highlighter. Who doesn’t want some extra shine to their face? If you are not so into a dewy look, blot your face down with a generous amount of setting powder to secure your makeup and prevent it from smudging during the day. However, don't overdo it; you don't want your makeup to seem cakey. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/is-your-skincare-routine-ready-for-the-seasons-here-is-how-to-adapt/

Frame those eyes

Let's start with those fierce eyebrows. Perfecting the technique is key to match them flawlessly with your face. Trust, brows on fleek can change your entire look! Now, don't stress about eyeshadow looks. It's not rocket science! Just know your face shape and eye color, and you're good to go. Brush on those gorgeous shades using gentle, circular motions for a perfect and elegant finish. Take it easy and build up the colors gradually, especially when dealing with intense pigments, or sparkly shadows. Remember, you can always define the shades more if needed, so no pressure! Oh, and have you heard about the latest trend? The fox eye trend is all the rage! It naturally lifts and curves your face, giving you that snatched appearance. Get your hands on this technique for a unique, eye-catching look that will have everyone mesmerized.

It’s time for some lip love

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Prepare those soft lips with a mild scrub to remove dryness and exfoliate. After that, apply a moisturizing balm for some extra love and care because your lips deserve it. Finally, show off your inner lipstick queen by picking a bold lip color that will draw attention to you.  Smooth butter lips and a pretty color, what more could a girl want?  https://www.foreo.com/mysa/mastering-the-art-of-hydration-what-is-it-and-how-to-incorporate-hyaluronic-acid-into-your-skincare-routine/

Lock everything in place

Lock in your flawless look and make it last with the ultimate makeup setting step! Spritz on a setting spray like a magical mist, ensuring your masterpiece stays throughout any spontaneous adventure life throws at you. It's all about technique, practice, and a few easy-peasy suggestions. Don’t stress, just relax and dive into the makeup game and in no time, everything will get easier. From prepping your skin to perfecting your base, framing those fabulous eyes, giving some lip love, and locking it all in place, get ready for a makeup adventure! Discover if you have oily, dry, normal, combination, or sensitive skin to customize your makeup routine and unleash your creativity. Embrace your inner artist and let your imagination run wild because anyone can rock flawless and professional-looking makeup with a dash of experience and a whole lot of fun!  Slay your makeup game like a pro and have a blast while doing it.

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