These are the secrets to Snapchat success.

Maybe you’ve played with it a bit, didn’t understand what all the hype was about, and thought, eh, I’ll let this die in the graveyard of forgotten apps on my iPhone. Snapchat is for millennials. No one needs to use it. Unless you are a millennial…like me. This addictive app has found its way into my friend circle and my career (even brands and publishers use it to connect with their fans), so I decided it was time join my generation. I sought out some helpful hints from a professional, Yvonne Young, FOREO’s fabulous social media manager, and I’m proud to report, I’ve finally learned how to use Snapchat. Keep reading to gain some insights on what to do, what avoid, and how to totally win the Snapchat game.


First off, I’m already very confused. I have enough social media apps. Why should I choose to share on Snapchat rather than another social media channel?

Snapchat is very spontaneous. It’s not highly edited like Instagram. Now you have to plan out your posts on Instagram, so the aesthetic is all the same, whereas on Snapchat, whatever you see you share with your audience. You don’t have to worry about editing. Snapchat is more personal. It’s also great for interacting with your followers and friends one-on-one via the private chat.


Is it like Instagram, where it’s better to have more followers?

Yes. The whole reason to post in your story is for people to view it. You can actually see who’s viewed your snapchat.


How often should you Snapchat?

Anytime you have something interesting to share. When you’re traveling or eating delicious food, share what catches your eye. Snapchat is all about you! If people don’t want to look at it, they can just swipe left.


Do you have a favorite filter?

I like the dog filter. I know it’s very basic, but I’ve done it with my dog.

Meet Fleur, dog model, Good Housekeeping’s cutest mixed breed dog, literally.

That’s amazing!

Everyone loves the flower filter, but the dog one is still my favorite. It’s very hard trying to hold her down to get the face recognition to work.


Snapchat Hacks

  • If you’re shooting and you want to reverse your camera, just double tap.
  • To have more lines in the caption text box, go to your notes app, copy a bunch of lines, then paste it into the text box in Snapchat. Normally you only have one line to get your message across, but now you have more!
  • When you’re drawing, you usually don’t have access to black and white on the color wheel. To turn your pen color white, pull the wheel to the upper left corner of your screen, and to turn it black, pull it to the lower right corner of your screen.
  • You can use two filters at a time. Press your finger down [where], then keep swiping with your other hand and you can apply two filters at once.
  • You can download your snaps into your camera roll by hitting the save button at the bottom before you post.


Snapchat Do’s and Don’ts


  • Don’t be mean: “There was a model who body-shamed a woman at the gym on Snapchat and got fired. Definitely don’t be rude. Always be nice.”
  • Do use captions: “The caption really makes the snap. Sometimes when there’s just a photo it doesn’t tell you anything. Write a funny caption to go along with it. Stickers and emojis work, too!”
  • Don’t be self-conscious: “One thing I had to get used to is to not be embarrassed by what you’re putting out there. Don’t be afraid—you can always delete a snap.”
  • Do express yourself: “Snapchat should really show your personality and what you’re into. If you’re into food, snap food. If you’re into beauty, snap about your beauty routine.”
  • Don’t show the same thing all the time: “I see a lot of gym selfies or people sitting on a yoga mat and taking a photo. I know you go to the gym, so show me something else that’s interesting.”


Who to Follow

Kristie Dash @kristiedash

“Kristie Dash is the former assistant beauty editor at Allure. She talks to the audience like she’s talking to her friend, she plays with the filters, and she even does unboxing when she gets stuff from brands. It’s basically like a day in the life of a beauty editor. Her captions and comments are also hilarious.”

Chrissy Teigen @chrissyteigen

“Chrissy Teigen, of course. When she went to Italy, she had a private chef and showed her followers how to make ravioli. So you can see what she did on her trip and learn how to cook.”

Kevin Hart @lilswag79

“Kevin Hart, he’s hilarious.”


There you have it, now get snapping!