Life motto: sleep more, contour less.

For some, makeup and skincare routines are an indulgent pastime. For others, it’s just plain exhausting. Some days we can barely remember to put on socks, much less apply 3 different serums before 8 am. But being a low-maintenance gal doesn’t mean you can’t look flawless. In the spirit of sisterhood, here are some simple makeup and skincare tips for lazy girls like us who still want to look pulled-together.

Multi-Taskers = LIFE

A seriously simple makeup hack — get your hands on products that can perform more than one job, like a lipstick that can double as blush or triple as an eye color when you’re feelin’ extra frisky. That little flush of color is all you really need, and it may even trick people into thinking you exercise occasionally. Added bonus: the monochromatic makeup look is in. The Bite Beauty Multistick is every lazy girl’s dream; plus, it’s made with food-grade ingredients, so… snack?

As for skincare, a good cleansing oil acts as a 3-in-1, removing makeup, cleansing and moisturizing at the same time. And speaking of multi-tasking, have you seen UFO? 90-seconds of skin-pampering goodness for lazy girls who ain’t got time for a mask.

Elevate Your Ponytail

After you’ve pulled your hair into a pony, take a 1-inch section and wrap it around the base to cover the hair tie. Secure with a bobby pin, and voila! Instant upgrade. Another quick and simple way to add a little something to your just-rolled-out-of-bed head? Snag a chic scrunchie (yes, that’s a thing) or this ponytail clip.

Zero-Effort Spot Treatment

Lazy girl insider tip: use Visine on blemishes to reduce the redness. It won’t treat pimples, but works great in a pinch.

Reverse Contour

We know, we know — we said no contouring. But this is just the highlighter, skip the contour. Apply to your cheekbones, down the middle of your nose, your chin and your cupid’s bow for some serious definition in 30 seconds flat. Glossier’s Haloscope is a double-duty wonder that moisturizes and gives you a dewy finish.

R-E-D Spells ‘Chic’

A bold red lip is the easiest way to take a lazy girl outfit from blah to brilliant, so if you only own one makeup item, make it a tube of red lipstick. This one from Tom Ford and this one from Chanel are universally flattering, so even non-lipstick wearers can pull them off.

Clean Skin for the Win

If you can’t be bothered with any makeup at all, the easiest way to look good with minimal effort is to take good care of your skin — cleanse regularly, exfoliate occasionally, and wear sunscreen. Even lazy girls can manage makeup wipes and SPF. Treat your skin right, and it will return the favor.