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Everything You Wanted to Know About BEAR™ 2 Collection

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You asked, we’re answering: What does microcurrent do? Do microcurrent devices work? How strong is BEAR™ 2? How often can you use BEAR™ 2? And then some funkier questions, such as: Can you use BEAR™ 2 body on your face? Here are the answers to the most common questions regarding FOREO’s microcurrent devices for the face, eyes, lips, and body. 

How Does Microcurrent Work?

Microcurrent goes where traditional skincare can’t - the muscles. Unlike anywhere else on the body, the muscles in your face are connected directly to your skin. At-home microcurrent devices work in a way that the electrical current runs between the positively and negatively charged conducting spheres. Both spheres must be in contact with your skin, and the skin needs a conductive serum or gel for the current to flow. While the current flows through the muscles, it trains them to tone up. FOREO BEAR microcurrent device sending electrical current deep into the skin layers

Do Facial Toning Devices Work?

Yes, microcurrent facelifting devices do work, and we're here to explain how and why: When using microcurrent, skin cells break down and then grow stronger like your muscles do after lifting weights. Microcurrent’s main benefits go beyond just lifting: it has been shown to increase collagen and elastin production, stimulate microcirculation, and deliver oxygen and essential nutrients to cells. All this helps to firm the skin, combat fine lines and wrinkles, plump the skin, accelerate skin renewal, fade pigmentation, and boost radiance. 


It has also been shown to increase ATP concentration in cells by up to 400%. Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is a molecule that acts as our body’s cellular energy and plays a crucial role in various cellular processes, including aging. As we age, the production of ATP in our cells may decline - cells may become less capable of repairing damage and defending against stressors. Stimulating ATP encourages the production of essential structural proteins like collagen and elastin and thus combats signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging.  

What Is the Difference Between BEAR™ and BEAR™ 2?

While both BEAR™ and BEAR™ 2 deliver instant and long-lasting results in microcurrent facelifts, the newer generation of the product is improved compared to its predecessor: firstly, it is the only facial microcurrent device on the market that features four types of microcurrent; secondly, it is more powerful than its predecessor; and thirdly, its perfected Anti-shock™ system is making it the safest microcurrent device in the world.   


While BEAR™ featured one type of microcurrent, BEAR™ 2 features four types of microcurrent, each with its unique benefit: 

Advanced Microcurrent™ - Steady current stimulates muscles to strengthen them while tightening the skin above. 

Lifting Microcurrent™ - Repeatedly staggers current from low to high frequency, gently coaxing muscles into naturally lifting for a contoured look.   

Tapping Microcurrent™ - Quick and short waves of current flow through the upper layers of the skin to brighten and plump.  

Sculpting Microcurrent™ - Channels microcurrent deeper into muscles to effectively tone them for a firm and sculpted appearance. 


FOREO's patented Anti-shock system™ is new and improved compared to the first-generation device. It measures your skin rate at 200x per second, then slightly adjusts microcurrent within your intensity level to best suit each square millimeter of your skin. BEAR™ 2 features five T-Sonic™ massage patterns, which the device's first generation didn't have. 


From Lymphatic Drainage Massage, which encourages the lymph fluids to circulate through the body, to Deep Tissue Massage to relieve tension in facial muscles; Trigger Point Massage, which uses alternating levels of pressure to relieve tightness in muscle tissue; Shiatsu Massage, which uses pulsing pressure to promote emotional and physical calm, and Reflexology Massage which uses gentle to firm pressure to relax or restore natural energy levels.  And lastly, the second-generation device is stronger than its predecessor, which brings us to our next question.  

How Strong Is BEAR™ 2?

BEAR™ 2 is not only more powerful than its predecessor but also than any other microcurrent device on the market, delivering a whopping 680 uA of microcurrent to help tone and strengthen the 69 muscles in your face and neck - just like how exercise tones and strengthens the muscles of your body.  

How to Use BEAR™ 2?

As with all microcurrent devices, you need to prepare the skin before the treatment. Thoroughly cleanse your skin with an oil-free formula, as oils act as a barrier to electrical current - we recommend using our 99% efficient cleansing and massaging device LUNA™ 4 along with LUNA™ Micro-Foam Cleanser 2.0, which transforms from silky cream to delicate microbubbles during the cleanse. Ensure to remove any product residue before the next step. 


Once your skin is clean, it’s essential to apply conductive serum or gel. Without the serum, microcurrent cannot penetrate the deeper layers - the muscles, and will only prick your skin without the effect. For optimal results, we recommend using FOREO SUPERCHARGED™ Serum 2.0 — developed for use with FOREO’s microcurrent devices and clinically proven to increase type one collagen production significantly. 


Next, select your preferences either manually or via FOREO app (which we strongly suggest, to access app-guided treatments). Start gliding the spheres, always in upward motions (do not pull down!), across your face and neck. Never glide the microcurrent device on the midline bone of the neck or within the orbital bone. In one of our previous posts, we published a detailed guide on how to use BEAR™ 2.  

What Is the Recommended Usage of BEAR™ 2?

In the beginning, use the device more frequently and less frequently later on - for maintenance. Our recommended usage is once in 24 hours. Ideally, you should use the device five times a week for the first 60 days, and then after the first 60 days, 2-3 times per week (just like when working out, you need to stay persistent to keep your muscles in optimal shape). 


You shouldn't use BEAR™ 2 on one part of the face for longer than 3 minutes. For our BEAR™ 2 body, the timeframe is a bit longer: up to 10 minutes.    

Can I Use BEAR™ 2 Without the App?

Even though we strongly suggest you use the app to access the guided treatments and obtain optimal results, you can use BEAR™ 2 without the app, too. You can manually choose your preferred intensity level by pressing the universal button to turn your device on. Then, adjust the microcurrent intensity by quick-pressing the button again, once for each level. The device has ten intensity levels- you can use levels 1-5 directly on the device, and to access levels 6-10, you will need to go into the app. The good news is that once you’ve chosen your preferences in the app, the device will remember your last settings. If you want to change the settings, you will need to go into the app again.  

Can I Use BEAR™ 2 After Cosmetic Procedures?

For optimum safety, do not use the device if you have had cosmetic surgery on your face. When it comes to Botox and fillers, they are not a contraindication of microcurrent devices. However, we recommend consulting your physician before use and waiting at least 14 days after your procedure before using your microcurrent device.  

Can I Use the Microcurrent Device Over Orbital Bone?

Do not use the device on the chest/breast area, eye area (circular muscle within the orbital rim), mid-line (bone) of the neck, or the genitals/groin area.  

What Is BEAR™ 2 Go Good For?

BEAR™ 2 go is your perfect travel companion if you lead a busy, active lifestyle and need a quick and effective microcurrent treatment on the go. On a trip, in the hotel, or in between meetings - BEAR™ 2 go is so compact and lightweight that it can fit easily in your luggage or a personal bag without occupying much space and still effectively targets wrinkles, puffiness, and sagging with Advanced Microcurrent™, Lifting Microcurrent™, and T-Sonic™ massage - so you never have to compromise on your skin. A hand holding BEAR 2 a transparent bag with a striped towel, BEAR 2 go, and SUPERCHARGED Serum

Why Do I Need BEAR™ 2 Eyes & Lips?

BEAR™ 2 eyes & lips uses two types of microcurrent – Lifting Microcurrent and Tapping Microcurrent, to treat the delicate eye area (one of the thinnest surfaces of the human body) and the area around the lips, where the signs of aging are especially noticeable. It delivers up to 270 uA of microcurrent through two tiny spheres specially designed for your face's delicate areas - to tone and firm the muscles and increase collagen and elastin production.  


Microcurrent works with T-Sonic™ massage to plump skin by stimulating microcirculation - helping emphasize the lips and reduce hollowness under the eyes. It also improves lymphatic drainage, allowing you to eliminate puffiness by reducing fluid retention and eliminating toxins. 


The result is tightened skin, improved fine lines, and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, eliminated eyebags, plumped and highlighted lips, and toned and lifted brows - without the needles and scalpels. 

Can You Use BEAR™ 2 and BEAR™ 2 Eyes & Lips at the Same Time?

Yes, you can follow the treatment with BEAR™ 2, with BEAR™ 2 eyes & lips, as each targets a specific area of the face. While BEAR™ 2 works to tone and lift your cheeks, jaw, forehead, and neck, BEAR™ 2 eyes & lips tackles delicate areas around the mouth and eyes.  

Do I Need to Put Serum Into BEAR™ 2 Eyes and Lips Refillable Capsule?

BEAR™ 2 eyes & lips comes with a refillable capsule to easily store your conductive serum (because, as we already mentioned at the beginning of this article, microcurrent devices need conductive serum or gel to work). With BEAR™ 2 eyes & lips, we recommend firming & brightening SUPERCHARGED™ Eye & Lip Contour Booster - to obtain optimal results. The serum doesn’t come with the device, but we have lovely bundles where you can buy the serum together with the device.  

Can I Use BEAR™ 2 Go Instead of BEAR™ 2 Eyes & Lips?

BEAR™ 2 eyes & lips was specially designed for the delicate area around the eyes and lips - its tiny spheres are adjusted so that you can precisely treat those areas. It also features a lighter microcurrent of 270 uA, as the skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate parts of the human body. BEAR™ 2 go features a microcurrent of 550 uA, and even though small and compact, it is a powerful device intended to be used on your cheeks, jaw, forehead, and neck. Its spheres are too big to treat the delicate areas around the eyes safely, so we strongly suggest you use BEAR™ 2 Eyes and Lips for those areas and BEAR™ 2 go for all the other areas of the face. A model holding FOREO BEAR eyes & lips microcurrent device, gliding it over her under-eye area

Can You Use Bear™2 Body on the Face?

It isn’t possible to use BEAR™ 2 body on your face, as it features significantly stronger microcurrent than BEAR™ 2 - a 960 uA precisely, and thus shouldn’t be used anywhere above the chest. We've already written about the benefits of our body toning device in one of our previous posts.  

Can Microcurrent Treat Enlarged Capillaries?

Microcurrent devices haven’t been shown to treat capillaries - in fact, for optimum safety, our recommendation is not to use the device over enlarged capillaries.  

Does Microcurrent Hurt?

You can feel a slight tingling sensation while using the device - that is normal and not a cause for concern. Do not worry; lowering the intensity may reduce or eliminate this sensation.  

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Alina 24/11/2023

The Bear 2 convinced me after the first use. It is very effective and I can only recommend it to everyone

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dora 26/11/2023

In reply to by Alina


Hello Alina, thank you for sharing!
Wow, what an incredible BEAR™ 2 news! Please note that we are absolutely thrilled to be reading this!
Keep that skin glowing and tight!

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Camila 27/11/2023

Oh, they all sound so good! It's hard to pick which one I would choose because I see a reason why I should try every one of them!

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dora 27/11/2023

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Hello Camila, thank you for reading!
Choosing one is really hard but there is a BLACK FRIDAY Sale on our website, so hurry up before they are all gone! :)

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Michaela 29/11/2023

I use Bear 2 eyes and lips and it is really worth the money. I am more than satisfied with the result

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dora 30/11/2023

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Hello Michaela, thank you so much for sharing! We are so happy that you are satisfied with our device and with the results on your skin! Keep using your skincare magic! :)

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Vazquez Alma 24/12/2023

Hola yo acabo de comprar el

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Marissa Ting 10/04/2024

A bit pricey but its worth the money. I noticed the difference just after one week of using it on daily basis. Even my colleagues noticed some changes in my face. I am so satisfied. I am thinking of upgrading to Bear 2.

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dora 10/04/2024

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Hello Marissa,

thank you for sharing your opinion with us!

We are truly happy to see our customers satisfied with our devices! :)

Kind regards


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