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Snatched Skin: What It Is and How to Best Achieve It

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Snatched skin is the new in. From wanting more toned and contoured cheekbones to wanting a brow lift, wanting a toned appearance has never been so popular. Celebrities, influencers, and our favorite TikTok stars are jumping into the trend with multiple tutorials online on how to achieve a ‘snatched’ look through makeup contour products or a slick back 90’s hair do. Surgical treatments are also very popular to achieve snatched and flawless skin however, they do not provide longevity in results and often can break the bank.  What if we told you you could achieve clinically proven snatched, hydrated and plump skin without breaking the bank. In addition, our solution not only provides long-term results but is also pain-free, user-friendly, and time efficient. If you’re not looking for a 24/7 toned look we will also be sharing our mini makeup and hair tips to gain your temporary toned look.

Temporary snatched skin 

Have you ever longingly looked at Bella Hadid's high-toned brow, Hailey Beibers flawless skin, or Kim Kardashian's sculpted cheeks? If so, there are makeup and hair secrets we’re about to leak that give you that supermodel look. There are multiple ways we can manipulate our hair and makeup to alter the shape of our face so here are a few: 

Pull your hair back

By pulling your hair back to create that effortless slick back high pony or low bun it also has a mini facelift effect on the skin. Now, we are not encouraging your hair to be pulled so tight that you squeeze your brain but by slicking your hair out of your face and smoothing it out all attention is drawn to your beautiful features. Use a fine tooth comb and some slick gel to smooth those baby hairs back. If you lift and slick your hair, particularly around your temples the mini facelift effect will kick into gear.  [caption id="attachment_13342" align="aligncenter" width="656"] Instagram post @rickymotarhair[/caption]

Brush your eyebrows up

By brushing your brows up it can give a highbrow effect bringing definition to the face making it look slimmer. If you’re not blessed with a high arch in your brow, brushing them up will give the illusion of a  high arch and if you’re still struggling with filling in with your favourite brow product will do the trick. Ensure if you’re using a brow product to fill you try and make the product emulate little brow hairs for a more natural look.

Use a contour product

Contouring your face is probably the most effective way in achieving a temporary snatched look. If you’re a beginner, feel free to use a powder bronzer rather than a cream as they can be easier to work with. Lightly bronze your forehead to warm it up and focus on under your cheekbones and jawline for a seamless snatched look. Remember to blend ensuring no nasty bronze lines are visible and it seamlessly concaves with your cheeks and jaw.  

Enjoy snatched skin 24/7

If you’re looking for a more long-term effect that's not going to break the bank and be entirely pain-free, do we have the products for you. The latest and greatest clinically trialed microcurrent technology allows the skin to work its magic and offer those long-term results. BEAR™ is your ultimate microcurrent tool to snatch and help plump the skin. BEAR™ offers 5 levels of microcurrent technology that essentially breaks down the skin cells below the surface of the skin and encourages them to grow back stronger. It has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines, plump the skin and show visible results in just 7 days of use. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/focus-bear-rejuvenated-skin-without-surgery/ Not to mention, this daily tool is an under 2 min treatment and is a one-time purchase for a lifetime of use. BEAR™ also has FOREO’s signature T-Sonic™ pulsation technology to it which assists with facial massaging, lymphatic drainage, and blood flow on the skin - assisting with slimming down the face.  BEAR™ has its partner in crime in SERUM SERUM SERUM is FOREO’s microcurrent conductive serum to not only assist the device to transfer the microcurrent efficiently but its hyaluronic acid and micro squalene capsules help hydrate the skin at the same time. Leaving you feeling hydrated after your BEAR™ treatment. FOREO also offers the BEAR™ mini which has 3 microcurrent levels and is a lot smaller in size, ergonomically fitting quite well around the eye area.  [caption id="attachment_13117" align="aligncenter" width="919"] It has been clinically proven that BEAR reduces fine lines, plumps the skin, and shows visible results in just 7 days of use.[/caption] Achieving snatched skin isn’t difficult, it just takes the right products and techniques. Whether you’re looking for a temporary lifted and toned look or you’re after something permanent it most certainly pays to be looking snatched.

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