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Debunking Serum Myths!

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Serum, what is it? Why do we need it? Is it even important? For skincare beginners, the multiple layers of skin care can not only be very overwhelming but also very confusing. If you’ve ever wanted to learn a little more about your serum routine and what it actually does to the skin this will break it down. We’re here to debunk all serum myths and actually explain what it does to the skin and why it is an important step in your routine Firstly, before we dive into the deep myths of serums let’s highlight why we need them in our routines. People can often overlook the importance of serums in their skincare routine. The three basic steps of cleansing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen are sometimes the only steps necessary depending on your skin type. Whilst those steps are the foundation of a skincare routine, adding a serum to your daily routine can make all the difference to the look and feel of your skin. Serum can assist with an array of skin conditions and problematic areas such as fine lines, acne, dehydration and pigmentation to name a few.

Why do we need a serum?

Its main purpose is to deliver ingredients deep into the skin. Moisturizer sits on the upper layers of the skin, locking in any serum that has infused its benefits to the deeper layers of the skin.   To determine the best serum for you, first, you must get comfortable with what your skin needs. Do you need a little bit of help fighting acne, brightening the skin, plumping your skin, or reducing fine lines and dullness?  Whatever your skin needs, there is a serum out there to help you assist it and add an extra layer of hydrating goodness.  

Debunking the serum myths 

REALITY versus MYTH #1

You should use serum after you’ve turned 30.  MYTH - It's never too early to start using the serum Serums have active ingredients that can assist with signs of aging and damage. Although we start to notice these signs closer to the 30-year-old mark, serum can also prevent these signs from happening in the first place. Very much like we wear SPF to prevent sun damage we need to start putting serum in the same category. Always think of preventative measures not curable ones and it's never too early to start your skincare investment journey 

REALITY versus MYTH #2 

Serums are too strong for your skin.  MYTH - There are different types of serums for each skin type. There is something there for everyone whether you’re a sensitive type or a dehydrated girl. We always recommend doing a test patch and seeing how it sits on your skin. Test everything from the texture of the serum to how you feel it sits on the skin and feels in conjunction with your skin type. If you’re still not sure, go for a serum that you know will work on all skin types. Here at the FOREO head office, we love using SERUM SERUM SERUM not only for microcurrent conductivity with our hero device BEAR but as an all-round hydrating serum. Filled with micro squalene capsules and hyaluronic acid this hydrating complex works on all skin types and is dermatologically tested to work for especially sensitive skin types. 

 BEAR FOREO facelift 

BEAR is the world's first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with Anti-Shock SystemTM. It's also the most effective microcurrent facial device available - clinically proven.

REALITY versus MYTH #3 

Serums break the bank!  MYTH - There are a lot of different options in the market at the moment not only related to skin type but also suited to your financial investments. What really matters is the ingredients in your serum. The highest-priced serum doesn’t necessarily mean it will perform the best.  If you’ve ever thought about adding a serum to your routine this is your sign to do so! Serums are a really important step in your skincare routine to alleviate any skin concerns you might have. Investing in your skin doesn’t have to be a tedious or expensive process but is quite beneficial to your entire routine.

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Anna 31/03/2023

<p><span>I use the serum serum and am more than satisfied with the result after use. My skin is radiant and looks plumper</span></p>


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