All set for the holidays thanks to these skincare gift sets! You don’t have to think about the perfect gift you want to give to your loved ones because we have prepared them for you. From celebrity-adored, award-winning cleansing massagers and hand-held spas to microcurrent devices, FOREO offers hi-tech tools to suit every single skincare need imaginable. 

Get the perfect Christmas gift box for your loved ones.

One-time investment for lifetime results

FOREO products are something we like to call skinvestment. These clinically-proven devices deliver amazing results, saving your loved ones money and time on expensive treatments. They’re the perfect way to show you care and the textbook example of gifts that keep on givingAnd this year things are better than ever — with carefully curated gift sets for every single person on your holiday shopping list. Do you want this for your mom, sister, friend, boyfriend, brother, or dad? It doesn’t matter because we’ve got you covered.

For the skincare queen that reigns supreme

This gift set is one that’s impossible to resist, one gift set to rule them all… Skin Supremes with BEAR™ mini, UFO™ mini 2, SERUM SÉRUM SERUM, and a whole pack of Glow Addict Face Masks. Not only will you make all their skincare dreams come true with UFO™ mini 2, but they’ll be so grateful that they can feast on their holiday dinner as much as they want and keep their face in shape with BEAR™ mini. 

For the glow-getter

This gift set is guaranteed to let it glow! Of course, thanks to LUNA™ mini 3, UFO™ mini 2, Micro-Foam Cleanser, and a whole pack of Glow Addict Face Masks! This is the glow-to gift set, curated for that special person in your life that enjoys the finer things in life – like the world’s best facial cleansing experience and spa days at home.

For the artist in your life

Yes, we have prepared something for artistic souls. Inspire their imagination with a gift set of their skincare dreams – The Big Box of Imagination! This exclusive gift set is everything they need and more to get creative with their skincare: FOREO Imagination™ DIY Mask Base, 2-in-1 Silicone Skincare Applicator, Mini Pestle & Mortar, and the Recipes of My FOREO Imagination™ Book.

And there’s plenty, plenty more where that came from… For all the FOREO gift sets and bundles available this Christmas, visit our website and enjoy your shopping experience. 

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