Food Memories? Meet founder, Dana Drori, and learn about what inspired her to start the blog…


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Kristen Van Nest: I’m Kristen with FOREO and I am here with Dana one of our models for our photoshoot.

Dana Drori: Hi.

Kristen: Thank you so much for meeting with us today.

Dana: Thank you for having me.

Kristen: I know that you have a food blog and you’re very into food. What inspired that and why did you want to approach food at a new angle and share that with people?

Dana: I had moved into a new apartment and I finally had a beautiful kitchen in New York, which is really hard to come by.

Kristen: Been there.

Dana: I started cooking a lot and I bought all these cookbooks. I realized how much symbolism and meaning we all have with food, whether it’s personal, or political, or identity.

Kristen: I feel like food brings people together, but also has such a history inside of it, it’s amazing that the thing you are eating every day, that recipe has such a history.

Dana: Totally. I started this blog about a year ago, called aftertastes, and it’s about people’s food memories. I have a lot of friends who are journalists in New York and I asked them if they would submit and write stories. I had these great writers all tell their food story. One guy wrote about when he was living in the mountains and foraging for mushrooms. Another woman wrote about being stranded in Los Angeles and buy a bag of Doritos. It was kind of allover the place, but it got really great feedback. It’s going really well. We do a lot of interviews. Just to see how food can connect people.

Kristen: What’s one of your favorite recipes?

Dana: I like baking cookies a lot.

Kristen: I love how your apartment smells after you bake fresh cookies.

Dana: Totally. And you can keep the dough for a long time and make them individually whenever you want. I always have the ingredients for cookies and it’s something my fiance really likes so it’s an easy fix.

Kristen: You talked about your kitchen. What’s the newest thing you have for your kitchen?

Dana: Cooking in a beautiful baking dish as opposed to the one I bought at the dollar store, really makes me happy. I’m not of an aesthetically-driven person, I don’t define my day by my aesthetics. It’s this white enamel with blue piping, makes cooking much more enjoyable. My kitchen is all white so anything has a pop of color I really like bringing into the space as well.

Kristen: Thank you for sharing your tips and meeting with us today. I’m sure they’ll help a lot of our viewers