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The Minimalist Guide to Packing Light

When it comes to packing, less is more. Jetting off on a week-long vacation and don’t feel like lugging around a massive suitcase? Take some inspiration from the current minimalism trend and make a conscious effort to pack less for your next big trip. You may be surprised to find that only bringing one carry-on is convenient, comfortable and more than enough space to fulfill your travel needs. We're sharing our minimalist-inspired packing tips and tricks to ensure your travel checklist ticks every single box.

Go Small or Go Home

When it comes to minimalism, the smaller the better. Choose a carry-on suitcase as your primary travel bag to guarantee you won’t pack more than you need. If your suitcase is small, you’re less likely to over pack. Not to mention, having only a small bag in one hand and your phone in the other makes navigating a new destination a walk in the park.

Quality over Quantity

Living the minimalist lifestyle is all about quality over quantity. When applying this concept to packing, the same rules apply. Choose items that are made from quality materials, are easily reusable and lightweight. For example, if you’re heading somewhere cold, pack a performance fabric instead of wool. It’s lightweight and breathable enough to suit a range of weather conditions. Instead of packing a myriad of beauty products, narrow it down to ten beauty essentials that can easily fit in your purse. The compact LUNA play plus is the perfect way to maintain your flawless skin while on vacation and it doesn’t require a charger. #winning

Bring Only Your ‘Must-Haves’ and Not Your ‘What-Ifs’

Save the ‘what if’ items for home. If you’re not traveling somewhere truly off-the-beaten path, you can always buy something on arrival if it’s something you can’t live without. Your ideal ‘must-have’ clothing should be durable, take up minimal space and work well for multiple occasions. You may have to sacrifice a few wardrobe changes, but heading to a laundromat is easier than lugging around a heavy suitcase full of clothes. Trust us!

Follow the 80/20 Rule

Believe it or not, humans only use 20% of our stuff 80% of the time. So when it comes to packing for a trip, keep that in mind. If you don’t wear suede high heels at home, there’s a slim chance you’ll break them out on vacation either. Lay out everything you want to pack and then evaluate what fits into the 80/20 rule in your everyday life. Ask yourself: do I normally use this?  If the answer is no, odds are you won’t need it on your vacation either. That’s right... leave your pearls at home this time. Happy packing!

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