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Wanderlust Beauty Guide: Skincare Routine On-The-Go

Three FOREO LUNA 4 go devices under water

Are you always on the move, but still want to keep your skin glowing and your smile dazzling? We have the perfect solution for you: Swedish Beauty Routine On-The-Go, a liberating and travel-friendly way to achieve radiant skin and a beautiful smile. When adventure (or work!) calls and you find yourself jet-setting across the globe or simply navigating your busy day, maintaining your beauty routine can be challenging. Imagine having mini-sized skincare specialists designed to fit seamlessly into your carry-on and ensuring you never have to compromise on your skin. FOREO has the perfect hack for keeping your face supple, smooth and radiant - anywhere, anytime, always.  

The Power of Simplicity

Swedish Beauty Routine represents a unique combination of technology and skincare - based on a minimal number of steps, bringing maximum results. The On-The-Go version of this routine condenses the renowned three and ½ steps into an effortless and efficient beauty regime. Here's a quick overview: Step 1: LUNA™ 4 go - Start with a 1-minute facial cleanse using this pocket-sized facial cleansing device that leaves your skin deeply cleansed and rejuvenated. Pair it with the LUNA™ Micro-Foam Cleanser 2.0 for an invigorating cleanse that nourishes your skin and protects it from environmental stressors. Step 2: UFO™ 3 go - This compact deep hydration device features a rejuvenating mask treatment, heating LED therapy, and T-Sonic™ massage. It's more effective and 10x faster than regular sheet masks, using Hyper-Infusion technology to provide immediate and long-lasting hydration. Achieving radiant and hydrated skin is now as easy as two minutes of indulgence - the perfect treat to ensure your skin glows all day. Step 3: BEAR™ 2 go – This portable microcurrent device smooths, firms, and lifts your complexion while you're on the move. It's compact, lightweight, and clinically proven to significantly improve fine lines and skin firmness in just one week. It features two revolutionary types of microcurrent and five patented T-Sonic™ massage patterns, each with its own unique benefit.   Step 3 and 1/2: ISSA™ mini 3 – Last but not least, the routine is rounded up with the most advanced compact sonic electric toothbrush for overall oral care. Featuring a combination of ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone bristles to gently massage gums and sturdier PBT polymer bristles to break down plaque, ISSA™ mini 3 keeps teeth strong and healthy while protecting gums and tooth enamel from over-brushing.   A suitcase on the bed with travel essentials and FOREO ISSA 3 mini


Minimalistic Approach, Maximum Results

What sets the Swedish Beauty Routine apart is its minimalistic approach, perfected to bring you maximum results. This simple yet effective method allows you to get ready in as little as seven minutes by using carefully chosen products to achieve a luminous look. The synergy between the device and skincare product is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of the skincare product and ensuring penetration into the deepest layers of the skin.

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