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FOREO KIWI™ and KIWI™ derma User Reviews

FOREO KIWI pore suction device vacuuming blackheads from the skin

Here at FOREO, we like to personally try out and use all the devices from our range - not only to know what we talk about but because we genuinely believe in the excellence of those products. Regarding our latest launch, the KIWI™ collection, we asked around the office about the user experiences of those who have tried it on their skin. KIWI™ collection consists of two pore vacuum devices: KIWI™, designed to deeply clean your pores, blackheads and whiteheads alike, and KIWI™ derma to gently exfoliate dead skin cells with microdermabrasion and then effectively remove dead skin and impurities, leaving you with a clean and bright complexion. Here is what our employees say about the efficiency of our pore vacuum devices:   Mario Gomez, Global Commercial Director "I had never tried a blackhead remover before, and I was really surprised to see how powerful KIWI™ was. I was brave enough to start at maximum power but quickly went down to halfway, and it was still unbelievable. After a few movements, I began to see a lot of the stuff that had been clogging my pores and making them look huge, going out into the device's tip and making my skin look smoother instantly. I definitely would recommend it to anyone who suffers from blackheads and enlarged pores and Dr. Pimple Popper fans."   Nikolina Bogati, Global Head of PR "KIWI™ did an excellent job for me; it was evident from the first 5 seconds I had used it on my nose. It sucked out all the blackheads without any trouble, and I saw the most significant effect on my nose and chin, where the biggest impurities concentration was on my face. I immediately jumped to intensity level 6 because I was keen to get the job done properly, and I didn't feel any discomfort. Right after the treatment, there was noticeable redness, but it was gone after approximately 15 minutes. The only thing I had to concentrate on was positioning the device on smaller parts of the face that were not flat. Secondly, I paid great attention not to 'hit' the same area twice as there is no need for that. One might ask themselves why the device is so big and in that particular shape, but it is perfect when you put it in your palm and is a perfect fit while navigating the device on different parts of your face. The proof of the effectiveness is visible and super easy to clean."   Ivana Panek, Content Marketing Specialist  "I tried KIWI™ derma - this was my first time trying a microdermabrasion and pore vacuum device, and I can say that I was very pleasantly surprised! Loved that the device had six levels of intensity, so you can adjust the suction strength to your personal needs. The microdermabrasion tip really did smooth out my nose, chin, and cheek area. Perfect if you don't have many blackheads but still want to help your skin resurface new skin layers and smooth everything out. As I have very sensitive skin, I did notice a bit of redness right after the treatment, but it went away in a few minutes, and the skin was glowing the next day!"   Franka Šimić, PR Specialist "KIWI™ did a fantastic job, and when cleaning the device, I could see all the residue, which was quite impressive. The glide was quite comfortable; even on level six, I could feel it more, but not on the uncomfortable side. It was a bit challenging to find the right angle around the nose and on the forehead at first, but after a few moves with the device, it fitted my face perfectly. Honestly, what shocked me the most was the amount of residue I had after the use because I would surely say over 50% was not visible to the eye when looking in the mirror. After a few days, my skin was fresh and radiant—let's just say, a really clean glow! I will definitely continue to use it."  

How to Remove Blackheads With KIWI™ Collection?

As with any skincare routine, start with thoroughly cleansing your face and neck. Press the universal button to turn the device on and adjust the vacuum intensity by pressing the button once for each level. Gently hold the skin taut and start gliding the device's tip across your face in upward motions - you'll be surprised how much gunk hides in your pores! Wash your face with water and pat dry. It's normal for some redness to appear right after vacuum pore suction and microdermabrasion. We wrote a more detailed guide on how to use the KIWI™ collection and how to care for the devices after use.    The pre-orders for both devices started on September 18 and end on October 1. And with each pre-order, we’re giving out a free Micro-Foam Cleanser 100ml that gently washes away deep seated impurities from the face and neck.



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Claire 12/11/2023

Prepped my skin, held it taut and used the lowest or next-to-lowest setting. There was no change in the appearance of my pores - and no evidence of debris on the instrument after use, but the Kiwi almost ripped the skin off my face and left me with big, red marks. I think I will heal but there might be broken capillaries. If you have very thick skin, maybe this won’t hurt you but I wouldn’t recommend trying it.

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anja 13/11/2023

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Dear Claire, thank you. We appreciate every single feedback we receive, and we are incredibly sorry you had such an experience.
As we take these kinds of comments very seriously, we informed our Customer Care Department immediately after seeing your comment, and they will contact you shortly.
Thank you for your patience; we believe we will get to the bottom of this. Kind regards from the Mysa team

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Riya 27/11/2023

Hi is the blackhead suction in kiwi ferma different than kiwi

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dora 28/11/2023

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Hello Riya,

We are delighted as well to introduce you to our innovative KIWI™ range.

KIWI™ derma includes three Adamas diamond tips, providing a unique advantage. With up to 11,000 T-SONIC pulsations per minute, it is designed to promote youthful, fresh, and flawless skin. It addresses visible signs of aging and blemishes with its cutting-edge Adamas diamond microdermabrasion and pore cleaner technology.

The KIWI™ incorporates BLUE LED light with both constant and pulsed light modes. Ideal for addressing blackheads and enhancing skin clarity.
Importantly, it instantly unclogs pores and extracts blackheads through the application of pore-purifying vacuum suction and blue LED light and the sucking is stronger than in KIWI derma.


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