Blackheads suck. Wrinkles suck. Scars suck. Age-spots suck. Blemishes suck. Whatever sucks, one thing is absolute – KIWI™ sucks better. 


FOREO Just Launched the KIWI™ collection

The new collection allows you to choose between KIWI™ derma and KIWI™, depending on your goal. If you want to get rid of deep-rooted blackheads, and you’re sick of ineffective nose strips, pimple-popping tools, home remedies for blackheads, and you are on the quest to find a safe, painless, and effective blackhead remover, let KIWI™ do the dirty work for you. Suppose you have damaged skin and want to enjoy the benefits of microdermabrasion while getting rid of blackheads and other impurities. In that case, KIWI™ derma – diamond microdermabrasion pore vacuum is the right choice for you.


KIWI™ and KIWI™ Derma Using Instructions

Before first use, download the FOREO For You app to register your device and activate the warranty.

Cleanse Skin

Thoroughly cleanse and dry your face and neck. We recommend using FOREO LUNA™ Facial Cleansing Massager with LUNA™ Micro-Foam Cleanser 2.0. (TIP: For optimal results, apply a hot towel to your face for 5 minutes to open up the pores, if desired).

Select Preferences

Attach your preferred tip to the device (KIWI™ derma). Press the universal button to turn on the device. Adjust the vacuum suction intensity by pressing the button once for each level. Access more settings via the FOREO app.   

Refine and Rejuvenate

Gently hold the skin taut. Then press the device’s tip flat against your skin and quickly glide across your face in upward motions. Once finished, gently wash your face with water and pat dry. Complete your treatment by thoroughly moisturizing your skin. We recommend using FOREO UFO™ Deep Hydration Facial Device with your preferred UFO™ Activated Mask. 


Cleaning Instructions

Follow our device cleaning instructions carefully to keep your treatments as effective as possible. Unlike KIWI™ that is 100% waterproof, note that KIWI™ derma is not, so do not clean the device under running water.  

Unscrew the tip, hold it under running water to wash away any dirt and debris, and leave it to completely air dry before replacing it on the device. 


FOREO KIWI derma Adamas diamond tip washed under water


Meanwhile, spray the device’s body with FOREO Silicone Cleaning Spray and wipe away any residue using a damp, lint-free cloth or towel.


Hands holding FOREO KIWI derma device and a cleaning cloth


Finally, spray FOREO Silicone Cleaning Spray onto a cotton swab and gently wipe away any dirt and debris collected on the silicone filter.


Hands cleaning FOREO KIWI derma vacuum suction device with a cotton swab