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UFO™ 3 go: Glowing Skin for Frequent Travelers

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If you're a frequent traveler, you know that maintaining radiant and hydrated skin can be quite a challenge: long-haul flights, dry air-conditioned air in hotels and airports, changing time zones, and extreme weather changes can all take a toll on your skin.  When serums and moisturizers simply don't cut it, and you don't have time to spend hours on facial hydration routines, there's a small and compact heated masking device that is more effective and 10x faster than regular sheet masks and can deeply hydrate your skin in a quick, 2-minute treatment. Introducing UFO™ 3 go. 

Travel-Friendly Beauty Must-Have

UFO™ 3 go is the little sister of  UFO™ 3, and it's crafted with your thirsty skin and wanderlust heart in mind. It's a device that uses warming thermo-therapy, revitalizing LED lights, gentle T-Sonic™ pulsations, and 14 app-guided treatments to replenish your skin in a treatment that feels like a spa facial. Its portable size makes it a travel-friendly companion, allowing you to experience luxurious skincare treatments in your hotel room, airport bathroom, gym (or wherever you feel like it, really). 

Full-Spectrum LED Magic

This small but powerful device offers full-spectrum LED light therapy. LED therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, and effective way to rejuvenate and make the skin more youthful, radiant, and revitalized. By combining different wavelengths of LED light, UFO™ 3 go addresses various skincare concerns, from calming and relieving stressed skin and reducing the appearance of blemishes to brightening a dull complexion. 

Heating Thermo-Therapy - Your Skin's New BFF

UFO™ 3 go features heating thermo-therapy, UFO™’s signature technology that uses gentle heat to offer the most luxurious facial treatment possible. Heating to the perfect temperature for your skin, it helps soften and prep skin to absorb the full benefits of your mask's active ingredients. And you can choose from a whole range of UFO™ Activated Masks, depending on your skin type and needs. From Farm-to-face collection, that uses luxurious natural ingredients such as coconut oil, manuka honey, or Bulgarian rose to deeply nourish the skin, to the specialized masks of Advanced collection, created to tackle specific skin problems. Here is a detailed guide on UFO™ Activated Masks.   

Pictured: UFO™ 3 go

T-Sonic™ Massage - The Ultimate Skin-Pampering

Prepare for a spa-like treat with the T-Sonic™ massage function of UFO™ 3 go. The ‘T’ in T-Sonic™ is short for transdermal - so named because the pulsations travel to the deeper layers of the skin. When directed onto wrinkle-prone areas, this gentle massage helps to relax facial muscle tension points and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to reduce puffiness and the look of dark circles and increase the absorption of your mask ingredients (as well as any other serums or creams you apply after), enhancing their efficacy and delivering deep and long-lasting hydration. 

USB Rechargeable - A Green Approach

UFO™ 3 go's USB rechargeable feature makes it an eco-friendly choice. One charge makes up to 40 minutes of use: that's 20 2-minute treatments per charge! Simply charge it up between your adventures, and it'll be ready for a professional-level skincare routine wherever you are.

Smart Treatment Reminders via the FOREO App

To ensure you never miss a skincare moment, UFO™ 3 go comes with a nifty companion - the FOREO app. Theapp syncs with your device to provide you with treatment reminders and personalized skincare tips, giving you a tailor-made skincare experience. So travelers, say hello to your new skincare essential and glowing skin is just a mask away! Remember, self-care and radiant skin are within your reach, no matter how fast-paced your life may be. Embrace UFO™ 3 go, and let your skin glow on all your adventures!



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Mei Mavis 26/10/2023

What’s the difference between UFO mini 3 and UFO 3 go?

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سعيدة مصبنضسعس… 01/11/2023

مليارات ررنييتسبتينسسن زىنرينبنبن ثمىهه


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