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Discover the Effects of Puberty and Hormonal Changes on the Skin

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Navigating the changes during puberty can be hell. You can’t really tell if it is worse for the person in puberty or for the parents. The list of what happens is quite extensive naturally, but this time we are focusing on hormonal changes on the skin. 

What Do We Call Puberty?

Puberty is the process of physical maturation where an adolescent reaches sexual maturity and becomes capable of reproduction. On average, puberty typically begins between 8 and 13 in females and 9 and 14 in males. 

What Is Happening in Puberty?

As we transition through our teenage years, our bodies undergo a remarkable transformation driven by a complex interplay of hormones. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of adolescence and explore the ways in which hormonal fluctuations influence the health and appearance of our skin https://www.foreo.com/mysa/acne-under-the-sunlight-how-to-protect-your-skin-during-the-summer/

Hormone Imbalance

One’s hormones are imbalanced which means there is too much or too little of a hormone in the blood. During puberty, the hypothalamus produces gonadotropin, a hormone that instigates the production of sex, adrenal, and growth hormones. The rise in Luteinizing hormone (LH) stimulates an increase in the production of progesterone in females and an increase in testosterone production in males. As a result of these hormonal changes, the physical changes associated with puberty begin to develop.

Puberty and Hormonal Havoc

Ah, puberty, a period of mixed emotions and rollercoaster experiences. It's the time when our bodies decide to throw a hormonal party. Picture this: hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and androgens, among others, suddenly become the stars of the show. As these hormones surge through our system, they can wreak havoc on our once pristine skin.

Hello Acne, My Old Friend

One of the most common skin-related concerns during puberty is acne. What causes acne? Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Now, for that, you can blame the increased production of sebum, an oily substance secreted by our skin's sebaceous glands. As androgens kick into high gear, sebum production goes into overdrive, clogging pores and creating a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.

No Fear of Acne - There Is a Swedish Acne Treatment Routine!

How to get rid of acne? With proper skincare and a little patience, you can tackle acne like the fierce warrior you are. Regular cleansing, using non-comedogenic products, and seeking advice from a dermatologist can be your trusty allies in the fight against those pesky blemishes.  Swedish Acne Treatment Routine is a user-friendly system backed by clinical trials using FOREO’s hero products in only 3 steps, starting with LUNA™ 4 for cleansing,  ESPADA™ Blemish Solution, + ESPADA™ 2 plus to treat the pimples.   Don’t let acne affect your self esteem!

Increased Oil Production

Remember when you were a child and your skin had that adorable, natural glow? Well, now it seems that glow has transformed into something a bit shinier. Hormonal fluctuations can lead to an increase in oil production, making your skin appear greasier than a slice of pizza.  However, if you feel like your face has turned into an oil slick, try incorporating oil-absorbing products and blotting papers into your routine. Embrace the glow but keep the shine at bay! Remember to cleanse properly, because every single effective skin routine begins with proper cleansing. 

What Else Is Going On?

The wonders of hormones extend beyond the realm of skin. Mood swings and emotional turbulence can become part of daily life during puberty. Interestingly, these emotional ups and downs can impact your skin too. Stress and anxiety may trigger inflammation, leading to the exacerbation of existing skin issues. So, it's essential to take care of your emotional well-being as much as your skin.

Embrace Your Ever-Changing Skin and Yourself

As puberty ushers us into adulthood, it's crucial to embrace ever-changing skin and, most importantly, yourselves. Our skin is more than just a canvas for blemishes; it's a reflection of our journey, our growth, and our resilience. So, wear your skin with pride and remember that imperfections are a natural part of life's canvas.

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