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Period Cramps: Simple Ways to Ease the Cramping Pain

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Period cramps are a common occurrence for many women. For some, they can be mild and last only a few minutes. Others may experience more severe cramps that can last for several days. In this blog post, we'll explore simple ways to ease the cramping pain. 

What are menstrual cramps?

Menstrual cramps are muscle contractions in the uterus that can cause pain in the lower abdomen. The pain is often accompanied by bloating, nausea, and diarrhea. Cramps typically begin a few days before menstruation and last for 1-2 days after the start of the period. There are two types of menstrual cramps: primary and secondary. Primary cramps are more common and tend to be milder. They're caused by the uterus contracting to shed its lining. Secondary cramps are less common and can be more severe. They're caused by a variety of factors, including endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or fibroids.

What causes menstrual cramps?

The exact cause of menstrual cramps is unknown, but they're thought to be caused by a combination of factors. These include:

The release of prostaglandins

Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances that are involved in pain and inflammation. They're thought to play a role in causing cramps by causing the uterus to contract. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/period-skincare-connection-between-cycle-and-skin/

Muscle spasms

The muscles of the uterus may go into spasms, causing pain. Namely, the smooth muscle layer of the uterus is thought to be involved.


Dehydration can make cramps worse. Lack of water can lead to muscle spasms and inflammation.


Stress can worsen cramps by causing the release of stress hormones, which can interfere with the body's ability to regulate pain.

What can you do to ease the pain of period cramps?

There are a number of things you can do to ease the pain of menstrual cramps, but we will share the most common and effective ones.

Over-the-counter pain medication

There are a number of over-the-counter medications that can help with cramps. This solution is great for you if you are experiencing severe menstrual cramps and intense pain. Namely, painful periods can be frustrating, and you might want to get rid of this pain as soon as possible. The most common medications and pain relievers, used are ibuprofen and naproxen. These can help reduce the inflammation that's causing the pain. [caption id="attachment_12829" align="aligncenter" width="948"] A heating pad can help to relay the muscles and ease the pain during period.[/caption]

Applying heat

Applying heat to the abdomen can help to relax the muscles and ease the pain. This can be done with a heating pad, hot water bottle, or even a hot bath. Still, you should be careful not to burn yourself.


Even though it might sound counterintuitive, exercise can actually help to relieve cramps. Namely, exercise releases endorphins, which are hormones that have pain-relieving effects. Additionally, it helps to relax the muscles and improve circulation. Also, exercising is a great way to reduce, pain and stress. Yoga or other forms of stretches can also help to relieve cramps. Stretching helps to loosen the muscles and improve circulation. In addition, it's a great way to reduce stress.


Resting can also help to ease the pain of menstrual cramps. When you're feeling crampy, your body is trying to tell you that it needs some extra rest. So, make sure to listen to your body and take it easy when you're feeling cramps. Resting is also a great way to relieve stress that is making the pain worse. One of the easiest ways you can rest, while pampering yourself, is to have a home spa treatment. This means that you can take a relaxing bath, use a face mask, or even just put your feet up. If you like the idea of pampering yourself using face masks then you should try supercharged facials with FOREO UFO 2. It is a way that you can get the full benefits of the five most popular spa treatments, from the comfort of your home. [caption id="attachment_12276" align="aligncenter" width="967"] UFO treatments provide your skin with immediate and long-lasting hydration. They also increase skin moisture levels by 126 % in just 2 mins.[/caption] Featuring a combination of science-backed thermo-therapy, cryotherapy, LED light therapy, and T-Sonic massage to supercharge your mask facial. UFO 2 leaves your skin rejuvenated and nourished in minutes.

Herbal tea

There are a number of herbal teas that can help to ease cramps. Chamomile, ginger, and peppermint tea are all great options. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, while ginger and peppermint can help to relax the muscles.

Dietary changes

Making some changes in your diet can help relieve severe period pain and painful cramps. Some evidence shows that vitamin B1, also called thiamin, and magnesium may help reduce menstrual pain. This is a short list of foods that might relieve painful menstrual cramps:

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes, including beans, lentils, and chickpeas
  • Spinach
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Avocado

What to do when menstrual cramps are severe?

If you're experiencing severe cramps, you should see a doctor. Some causes of severe menstrual cramps can be treated with medication or surgery. If you have any other symptoms, such as fever, heavy bleeding, or pelvic pain, you should also see a doctor.

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Anne Burmi 12/08/2022

Yes. Applying heat and herbal teas would be my first choice. Changing our diets would be beneficial generaly, I believe it will help solve a lot of health conditions...

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erika 14/08/2022

In reply to by Anne Burmi


Dear Anne, we completely agree! Thank you for sharing! :)

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Meltem 12/08/2022

Regl dönemi eskiden korkulu rüyamdı. Yaşım ilerledikçe bedenimi de öğrenmiş oldum. Özel günlerimde artık beni rahatlatan şeyler yapıyor ve çok kolay atlatıyorum. Bir bardak bitki çayı, zor olmayan yoga hareketleri uyguluyorum ve çok rahatlıyorum. Son bir yıldır Foreo UFO'yu da özel günlerimde mutlaka kullanarak cildimi şımartıyor ve kendimi daha güzel hissediyorum.

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erika 14/08/2022

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Dear Meltem,

Thank you for refreshing our morning with this comment :) Witnessing your delight with our UFO™ and the results it has brought to you make us feel special. It makes us so happy to hear the device helps clear your skin during those times of the month!

Have an amazing rest of the day <3

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Imelda 15/08/2022

I drink marigold tea and heather tea, they help regulate certain period problems.


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