Review: How I Fell in (Wander) Lust with LUNA play plus

April 7, 2017 • FOREO Newswire / Reviews

There’s a new FOREO face brush on the block, and as the lucky writer who tested and reviewed it, allow me to introduce you to the small but mighty device that never leaves my side: LUNA play plus.

What is LUNA play plus & How is it Different from LUNA play?

LUNA play plus may look a lot like the LUNA play, but while it comes in the same bright and bold colors as its predecessor, there are some major differences between the two products.

At about twice the size as LUNA play―about 6.5 cm (2.6 inches) at its widest point― LUNA play plus is still much smaller than LUNA mini 2, which  makes it great for packing along in the smallest of purses when you’re trying to avoid extra baggage.

I personally found this cleansing brush fit better in my hand than the LUNA play, and its longer bristles definitely worked a lot better for the clogged pores that speckle my nose.

What Comes With a LUNA play plus?

Another major difference between these two face brushes is that while LUNA play is not made to be rechargeable―think of it as your very first FOREO, or the perfect small gift for your friends or family (like I do for literally everyone’s birthday), LUNA play plus is powered by a AAA battery.

It’ll last up to 400 uses per battery, which is way longer than the batteries in my TV remote it seems, but c’est la vie.

How to Use LUNA play plus

Again, the LUNA play plus works much like the LUNA play in that there’s only one speed, which is on the gentle to mid range on the strength scale.

You turn it on and off by clicking the same single button on the back, or, if you’re like me, you can also click it on off like a stress ball at work (it’s really oddly satisfying).

As per other LUNA devices, you just apply your favorite cleanser to your damp skin, turn it on and gently massage all parts of your skin in a circle motion for a minute. Rinse off, pat dry and moisturize for super soft skin that lasts all day!

When the batteries in your LUNA play plus run out, all you need to do is open up the flat panel on the bottom and switch in a new battery!

FOREO LUNA play plus - How to Change the Battery

Why LUNA play plus Belongs in Your Bag

I travel a lot. Like, A LOT a lot. Between hiking trips, festival weekends, beach getaways, and the occasional work trip, I have perfected a beauty routine based on 100ml bottles of my fave products.

Being one of the smaller FOREO skin care products, LUNA play plus packs up more neatly in my carry-on than my LUNA 2, and with the lower price point, I wouldn’t let leaving it in a Thai hostel ruin the rest of my trip through Southeast Asia.

Plus, as mentioned, it has the larger brush head that lets me give my face a once over very quickly, and has larger bristles can tackle my problematic pores like no other.

All in all, LUNA play plus is the perfect travelling companion whether it’s accompanying you  across the world, in a tent, or even just in your gym bag!



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32 responses to “Review: How I Fell in (Wander) Lust with LUNA play plus”

  1. Josselyn says:

    Hello, I had read on Sephora review that you literally HAVE to be careful with the bottom where the batteries go doesn’t get wet or humid? Do you have a problem with that?

    • FOREO says:

      Dear Josselyn, please make sure that you allow your device to air dry after every use and there shouldn’t be any problems :-).

  2. Joey says:

    …mine came with what looks like a cell phone cord, so it has an electric element..
    Can I charge my Foreo play??

    • FOREO says:

      Hi, Joey! LUNA Play and Play Plus do not come with a charger as they are battery operated. All of our other devices come with a USB charger, so you can charge your device on your laptop/computer or use the wall plug from your smartphone 🙂

  3. Paola Traettino says:


  4. helena says:

    hi! in the package there is also a small and flat silicone mat that looks like the foreo luna play plus. what is i made for?

    • FOREO says:

      Hi, Helena! The pink silicone is a magnetic scratch card which can be used to register the product.
      Scratching the silver film reveals a number which you need to write in the corresponding box on
      This immediately registers your device and you receive a special foreo surprise by e-mail! 🙂

  5. Halsey says:

    Hello there!
    Does luna play plus have maximum life of time after we change the AAA battery several times?

    • FOREO says:

      Hello, thank you for reading :-)! When your AAA battery runs out on your Luna play plus, simply exchange the battery and your Luna is ready to go!

  6. Tina says:

    I can’t register my Luna play plus because when I try to create an account it says my email has already been used

  7. Lauren says:

    Can I connect the Luna play plus up to the app to use different intensities etc.?

    • FOREO says:

      Hi, Lauren! Luna Play Plus is not a smart device and is not used with the app. Being an intro device, it actually does not have different intensities – just the default one. But if you’re looking for a smart device where you can change intensities and the duration of treatment, look into LUNA 3 and Luna Mini 3 🙂

  8. Dayanne says:

    Hello my foreo needs to be long pressed to vibrate and when I don’t press the power button it stops, something’s wrong. Please tell me how to fix it

  9. Puja Parija says:

    Hey. How does the vibrations feel like. Since I am unable to feel anything , hence I don’t realize when the device is switched on or off, kindly help

  10. Diana says:

    Hi, is foreo luna play plus still waterproof after battery change? some people say it is not.

  11. morgan says:

    does the device come with batteries included?

  12. Amy Chow says:

    Is there a timer on the device so it will stop operating after a certain time? The electric cleaner that I used to have stops automatically after 30 sec of operation.

    • FOREO says:

      Hi Amy, please note that it depends on the device itself. For example, Luna 3 does have a programmed timer that turns off the device automatically but Luna Play doesn’t, meaning you need to turn off the device manually.

  13. Alma says:

    How can I choose the perfect color for my Foreo Luna Play Plus?

  14. Ann says:

    Is foreo luna mini 3 and foreo luna 3 just differ in size?

    • FOREO says:

      Hi Ann, please note that the difference lies in the AntiAging mode. Luna 3 has an AntiAging mode while Luna Mini 3 does not.

  15. Zaki says:

    Is it possible my luna play plus turn on button is broken/damaged because sometimes it doesn’t work when i pushed the butto but sometimes it does. I changed to new batteries but it still open.

    • carly says:

      Hi Zaki! I would recommend that you contact our Customer Care Team with this on and they will be able to assist you further with your Play Plus. I hope that helps!

  16. Marzia Hosseini says:

    Hi, I bought this from Sephora a few months ago. It was working perfectly under the battery died. I bought different kinds of batteries, but it never turned on again. Please help me

    • carly says:

      Hi, Marzia, we are sorry to hear that. Please contact Foreo Customer Care where our agents will guide you through the Claim process and do their best to assist you as soon as possible.

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