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Face to Face: Comparing LUNA play and LUNA play plus

Both cute and compact, what makes LUNA play plus and LUNA play so special in their own unique ways? Find out now! Here’s our easy guide to find out which FOREO device is the right fit for you.

What is LUNA play?

LUNA play is the cute, cotton-cosmetic-pad-sized device that puts all the power of T-Sonic™ cleansing in a tiny package for trying out. It’s travel friendly and works for up to 100 uses. The LUNA play is our most affordable LUNA and serves as the perfect FOREO to pick up if you (or someone you know) has never tried a facial cleansing brush like this.

What is LUNA play plus?

LUNA play plus is more than just a bigger version of LUNA play; in addition to a larger brush head for its 2-zone touch points, it also has longer bristles for that extra deep clean when you need it most. The other, most important difference between the two is one that will make fans of the original LUNA play very happy; LUNA play plus has a replaceable battery, meaning that you can just swap in a new AAA battery when needed and keep using your favorite face brush!

To Recap:

LUNA play is Best For…

  • First-time FOREO facial cleansing brush users who aren’t sure if they’re ready to make the switch to super soft silicone and T-Sonic™ pulsations.
  • Those who want to share how much they love their LUNA with a friend (especially as a last-minute gift)!

LUNA play plus is Best For…

  • Anyone who likes the teeny and convenient LUNA play so much that they want to keep using it again and again.
  • Those who already own a LUNA or LUNA mini 2 but want an inexpensive face brush to travel with to bring a powerful, deeper clean with them anywhere they go.

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