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Have you heard of microcurrent facials or are you living under a rock? This age refining treatment is praised among estheticians and worshiped among celebrities. Dubbed “the natural facelift”, it works by stimulating over 60 muscles in your face and neck — boosting collagen and toning them in the process. Our BEAR range is designed to do just that, but from the comfort of your home.

Feeling curious? Take a look at what others have to say about these mighty devices!


Glamour’s Sara Wu volunteered to try BEAR but she wasn’t ready for the skin-changing effect it ended up having!

After one week my cheekbones looked like they had returned fresh from a filler tweakment, and my jawline sharpened up as well…it does things to my face that simply can’t be replicated with topicals. Hello again, cheekbones. I missed you.


Three different writers from Nylon had the pleasure of getting to know and review FOREO BEAR! Adele, Amelia and Shazrina tried out the microcurrent treatment and it’s safe to say that they were dazzled:

…I was really impressed with how contoured my face was. My skin was also more radiant, glowy, firm and contoured. It actually made me look like I just finished a workout — in a good way, of course. I would recommend investing in BEAR if you’re looking for an alternative to depuff and tone your face, especially in the morning. It’s easy to use, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a quick face lift without having to into the clinic.


Both Christina and her boyfriend tried out our BEAR devices and our SERUM SERUM SERUM, and it’s safe to say they were impressed:

With 2 weeks of continuous use, I could definitely see a huge difference in his face. In just 4 days of continuous use, his jawline was peeking out more and when he shaved, he actually had a light butt chin hiding! I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture, but his cheeks were way tighter, less saggy, and so much less swollen.

Do I think this device is worth it? Yes, a million percent yes.

Marie Claire

We’re still blushing because our newest devices made it to Marie Claire’s “52 New Beauty Products That Will Change Your Life” list! Not only do they swear that each device is a game-changer, but they called our BEAR “The Facial Pilates Class”! How cute!

This adorable handheld device uses microcurrents to lift and tone the muscles in your face—kind of like crunches, but for your cheekbones.


The team at Hypebae was impressed by our patented Anti-Shock System:

Its Anti-Shock System™ arrives with ultra-smart sensors that detect the user’s skin resistance and elasticity, automatically adjusting its pulsations according to your needs.

YouTube reviews

Bear with us while we go through our favorite YouTube reactions to BEAR & BEAR mini!

Mixed Makeup

Susan Yara is such a hotshot in the skincare world, we were so excited when we partnered with her and got her approval on our microcurrent devices! Watch her lift her cheekbones with BEAR mini instantly!

The Organic Esthetician

Katie provides so much information on microcurrent power and what it does to your skin. That’s because she loves and uses lots of microcurrent devices. But she was really impressed with our addition of T-Sonic pulsations and the Anti-Shock System!

Trevor Ritchie

Trevor is obsessed with both BEAR and BEAR mini and has lots of great advice and tips on using them!

The Beauty Maverick

See what results you can get if you use BEAR for two weeks to lift up hooded eyelids!

Erin Lawrence

Erin says she didn’t expect to see this kind of results after just two weeks of use! Are the results really that impressive? See for yourself!


Darlene used BEAR 2 minutes a day for two weeks and she has before and after pictures!

Cass Thompson Beauty & Lifestyle

Cass says that our BEAR is special and different from all other microcurrent devices—aww we’re blushing!


Have you tried our BEAR range? Or microcurrent facials? Tell us about your experiences in the comment!