Saying Goodbye To Clarisonic

September 11, 2020 • FOREO Newswire / News

We have competed for years, true, but we have also challenged, inspired and motivated each other.

Do you wash your face using your hands…

Our hands are a great tool. They’re great at waving, pointing, or shielding our eyes from the sun. They are amazing at handling stuff or picking things up from the ground. Our fingers really come in handy when we want to count to ten. Or when we want to gesture just how mad we are at the stranger overtaking us on the highway. Above all, our hands are the best of the best when it comes to giving out high fives.

On the other hand, they are far from being omnipotent. First of all, most of us have only two, so the amount of stuff they can carry is quite limited. Second, our hands aren’t really the best tool for washing our faces.

…or do you own a Clarisonic brush?

Our friends from Clarisonic knew this when they started their skincare journey over a decade ago. They have been our competitors for so long that we felt shocked when we heard they’re shutting down. It may seem silly but we always believed we are challenging each other to do better — come up with better technology, better innovations, better attention to detail. And even though we might have teased them now and then about their nylon bristles (which were more abrasive than our soft silicone ones) and brush heads that need replacing (because our anti-bacterial, non-porous silicone needs no replacement), we still believed in the same things. We wanted healthy and happy skin – for everyone!

Send us a pic and get 💸💸💸

And that is why we want to step in now and help every skincare enthusiast out there who’s about to run out of replacement heads. If this is you, here’s what you need to do.
Take a picture of your Clarisonic brush and fill out the form on Once we confirm your details, we’ll email your very own code with € 35 credit (or local currency equivalent) towards one of our LUNA facial cleansing brushes. Visit and take a look around to find the perfect match! You can use your credit towards LUNA mini 2, LUNA mini 3, LUNA 3 or LUNA 3 MEN. Long live skincare!


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