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Selfie-Ready Skin Is All We Want This Summer, But Acne Has Another Plan

FOREO maskne
Acne is one of the most common skin concerns 365 days a year, and summer is a season when even people whose skin is not prone to pimples can have breakouts. When you think of summer, you probably imagine sandy beaches and beautiful romantic sunsets. But the truth can be crueler. Summer is a combination of heat and humidity that can increase sweating, which causes our hair follicles to become clogged and accumulate sebum. And all of this leads to - you guessed it - dreaded acne. 

Summer, sweat and sunscreen… 

Acne is further exacerbated with regular mask-wearing as a result of COVID. When we breathe or talk, our masks tend to trap a lot of warm, humid air - an ideal setting for yeast and bacteria to grow. These bacterial imbalances, as well as the friction from our masks, can promote acne flare-ups.   What makes things worse is that our skin also has to deal with increased sweating on hot days. And while sweating is fundamentally good because it helps our body to cool off, it can also contribute to a specific type of acne breakout - sweat pimples. Sweat on your skin can also keep acne-causing bacteria in place.  If you wear makeup, lotions and sunscreen under the mask every day, you know how sweating with all of that can push maskne out of control. Luckily, there is a simple solution to minimize our chances of getting breakouts… 

You need a tailored skincare routine

First, here are some basic dos and don’ts of summer skincare: DON’T

✘ Take piping hot showers after spending several hours in the sun  ✘ Use facial oils ✘ Wear heavy, oil-based foundations  ✘ Skip cleansing your skin ✘ Forget to exfoliate   


✔ Moisturize immediately after showering  ✔ Apply sunscreen on your body and face regularly   ✔ Lighten up your skincare/makeup regimen  ✔ Use non-comedogenic products ✔ Try to avoid touching your face with your hands  The most important thing is to make sure you give your skin a deep cleanse to remove all the sweat and oil buildup before it can clog pores and cause flare-ups. A great device that will help clean your skin gently but thoroughly is one of FOREO’s LUNA devices. Featuring ultra-hygienic silicone bristles, LUNA removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil including make-up residue. It will also gently exfoliate dead skin cells without being abrasive on the skin. Secondly, lighten up your skincare. Using a lighter moisturizer if you have oily or acne-prone skin can do wonders. You can also use a sunscreen that contains zinc or titanium to help your skin by creating a barrier against any friction or irritation that develops.  Last but not least, for the guys that have facial hair - we feel your pain. Beautiful beards and majestic mustaches can often cause masks to feel tighter around the face, resulting in a lot of friction and warm air, moisture and sweat getting trapped under it. If you need to wear your masks for a long time, it can be helpful to use a simple toner with alpha hydroxy acid or witch hazel to freshen your skin and prevent problems between facial cleanses. Just make sure your skin and beard are completely dry before putting on your mask. 

How can cotton help you?

Acne isn't really a seasonal problem and can affect your skin throughout the year. Despite that, some studies have shown that 56.33% of patients with acne noticed an aggravation in summer. If you want to prevent breakouts, you have to know that a quality diet and breathable clothing are important factors in your summer beauty routine. High-quality, lightweight cotton is one of the best fabrics for the summer. It helps you avoid breakouts caused by sweating, especially in areas like the chest or back. Instead of wearing tight polyester clothing, wear breathable cotton that is designed to wick sweat and bacteria away.

The ultimate weapon against acne is here!

However, if you still get some breakouts or pimples despite all precautions, there is FOREO’s ESPADA - a great device specially made for those kinds of situations. It combines the power of blue LED light and T-sonic pulsations to rapidly and gently clear acne blemishes in 3 simple steps. So your summer can be all about sunshine, sand and selfie-ready skin! 



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