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It’s Review O’Clock: Why ISSA 3 Is So Easy to Love

Testers who have tried ISSA 3 said some good stuff about FOREO’s newest toothbrush, but one impression is common - it was love at first brushing. Featuring a Hybrid Wave brush head made of a trusted combination of medical-grade silicone & PBT bristles, ISSA 3 is designed to give you really great and thorough 4-in-1 cleaning for your teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue.

ISSA 3 will turn you into a rock star

Unlike other electrical brushes, I can use natural gestures as I did for my whole life, and it is not as aggressive. Also, I have to point out one of the greatest features of this magnificent toothbrush - its battery life. It’s insanely long!”, says one of our testers.
A single charge lasts up to 365 days making an ISSA 3’s battery a feature that improves your overall brushing experience. Additionally, the device is 100% waterproof & usable in the shower. So, if you ever dreamed about being a rock star, ISSA 3 will turn you into one because it can easily become your mic while you sing in the shower. Also, there is an indicator light on the base of the brush that will flash red when it’s running low on battery as a subtle reminder to give it a 2-hour charge. After 2 hours, you’re all set for another year!

ISSA 3 is more than a feeling

One of the most favorite things about ISSA 3 among testers is the feeling ISSA 3 is giving them (at the end of the day it is all about feeling, isn’t it?). 
What I love about FOREO’s toothbrush is that it gives me a powerful and ergonomic feeling in my hands. Those pulsations act like extra cleaning - it enters the areas that would be hardly reachable otherwise, almost like an interdental. After usage, teeth are clean and smooth and you can feel it with your tongue” says our tester.
That ‘more than a feeling’ moment while brushing is possible thanks to FOREO’s Sonic Pulse technology, which channels up to 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute to create quick yet gentle micro-sweeps that effectively clean your teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue.

You’ll see the difference in oral health within a few days

Not only our testers are in love with ISSA 3, but dental professionals as well. According to a clinical evaluation conducted by THE DENTAL ADVISOR - US, dentistry’s trusted expert in product and equipment evaluation since 1984, ISSA 3 is “flexible to reach every area of the mouth and wide so the teeth and gums are cleaned in one stroke. Here are some observations from several dental professionals:  

Your ISSA can have a colorful twist!

Among all great benefits - gentleness on gums, effectiveness at removing plaque and treating gingivitis, fresher feeling mouth after brushing, etc. - ISSA 3 will bring a little bit of funkiness in your life. Namely, its brush head is made to last up to 6 months after which you should replace it. In color you want! Check below how cool your toothbrush can look: ISSA 3 FOREO Admit it - when you see colorful toothbrushes like those ISSAs, you can’t help yourself but smile. Imagine how much you are going to smile once you start using it...

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