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Dental expert about ISSA 3: You'll notice a difference in your oral health within a few days

The largest oral care advance in 70 years - ISSA 3 is shaking things up since day one of its launch. So, we asked Dr. Nina Bal to answer the most frequently asked questions about ISSA 3. Once you try the ultra-hygienic silicone sonic toothbrush, soon it will become your forever toothbrush. And when something is yours forever, you deserve to know its core. That’s why Dr. Nina Bal is answering all of your questions regarding ISSA 3. Dr. Nina Bal is a dental surgeon and facial aesthetics doctor who is a member of the General Dental Council in the United Kingdom. She is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Save Face, the National Register of Accredited Practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments. 

How quickly will I notice a difference in your teeth/oral health when using the ISSA 3?

Within a few days. The plaque takes 12 hours to build up in the mouth so you can quickly tell if it’s effectively removed or not. 

What benefits do you see from having a toothbrush that produces 11,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute?

The incredible effectiveness that no other manual toothbrush could possibly simulate. The plaque adheres very quickly to the enamel and only a sonic pulsating movement like an ISSA 3 toothbrush can remove it efficiently. It’s the closest we get to a professional ultrasonic scaler done at the surgery.

Why should I use a toothbrush with T-Sonic tech versus a normal toothbrush?

Toothbrush with T-Sonic tech - like ISSA 3 - is more effective, more efficient in less amount of time and gentler on gums. It also saves money and is environmentally more friendly.

Why is a silicone toothbrush better for your oral hygiene?

Much more hygienic, preventing bacteria build-up, more gentle than other electric toothbrushes that can easily damage gums and enamel.

What are the benefits of the device being a 4-in-1 toothbrush?

Simplifies your oral hygiene routine and makes it more effective. Having a 4-in-1 toothbrush means have fewer devices and less cleaning.

How much time over a year is being saved with the device being 4-in-1?

Hours if not days! It offers in 2 mins what it might take 5/7 with a manual toothbrush to achieve, and all in 1 device.

What makes my ISSA 3 easier to use than other sonic toothbrushes?

Unlike any other electric toothbrush on the market, ISSA 3 lasts up to a whopping 365 days on a single charge. It also includes a unique and innovative flexible hybrid brush design, with PBT polymer and medical-grade bristles that are tough on plaque while being extremely gentle on gums, so you don’t need to be worried about brushing too hard. Further featuring 16 speeds/intensities, and with a built-in tongue & cheek cleaner, ISSA 3 provides 4-in-1 customizable oral care, for the quickest and effortless brushing experience available.

What are some of the common mistakes consumers make when brushing their teeth?

Brushing too hard, too much pressure on teeth and gums creating a gum recession. Not spending enough time, brushing less than 2 min…

What are your top 5 tips to achieving the healthiest clean for your teeth/cheeks/gum/tongue?

Brushing teeth twice a day (ideally 3 times), scrape the tongue at least every morning, make sure you clean also the gingival margin (where gums start, but gently), avoid fizzy drinks and sugar, wait 20 mins until brushing the teeth after you eat. Watch Dr. Nina Bal’s full review on the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWrc15t8lK4   Also, we have answers to the most frequently asked questions about the technical characteristics of this marvelous silicone sonic toothbrush.

What is the biggest difference between ISSA 2 and ISSA 3?

ISSA 3 features 2x stronger silicone bristles that are extra durable and ultra-flexible so they bounce back for reduced breakage while lasting even longer. Also, the slim-fit design of ISSA 3 helps you reach each nook and cranny of the mouth while covering teeth & gums in one stroke. On top of that, ISSA 3 features softer sonic pulses and low-battery indicator light to remind you to give your brush a quick 2-hours USB charge. 

How do I brush my teeth with ISSA 3?

Use the suggested amount of your favorite toothpaste. Press the universal button to turn on your ISSA 3, (you can use the +/- buttons to adjust the intensity to your preferred setting). Brush your teeth in the same way you would with a manual toothbrush. ISSA 3 will prompt you to brush a new quadrant of the mouth every 30 seconds. For a full-mouth clean, turn your brush around and use the back of the brush head to gently scrub the tongue and cheeks. Turn off your toothbrush by pressing the universal button again, (your toothbrush will turn off automatically after 3 mins). Then rinse your mouth and clean your ISSA 3 under running water.

How often should I replace my ISSA 3 brush head?

ISSA 3 brush heads are made to last up to 6 months, so they are more environmentally friendly than other toothbrush heads which only last for up to 3 months before they need to be replaced.  

How will I know when to charge my ISSA 3?

When the indication light at the base of your ISSA 3 turns red, it’s time to charge your toothbrush. Connect the USB charging cable to any outlet for 2 hours. When the indicator light stops blinking, your ISSA 3 is fully charged. ISSA 3 FOREO

How do I clean my ISSA 3?

Clean the device after each use by washing the brush with warm water while running your fingers through the bristles. We recommend using FOREO Silicone Cleaning Spray on the body of your ISSA 3 and rinsing with warm water afterward for optimal results. Allow your toothbrush to air-dry. We do not recommend placing ISSA 3 in a UV sanitation case. NOTE: Never use cleaning products containing alcohol, petrol or acetone. Avoid using toothpaste with bleach on your device.

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