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Review Roundup: ISSA 3 is a game-changing tooth cleaning experience

ISSA 3 is out for a while and we have first impressions! Pro cleaning power, extreme battery life, tough on plaque, yet gentle on gums… That’s just some of ISSA 3's features. Once you try this 4-in-1 total oral care revolution aka ISSA 3, you’ll peacefully say to yourself: yes, this is my forever toothbrush. And here is what other users, influencers, and dental professionals have to say about this ultra-hygienic silicone sonic toothbrush.

Glamour about ISSA 3

Once you meet ISSA 3, brushing with this sonic toothbrush will become the best 4 minutes of your day. Yes, we can't agree more!
Also interesting to me: the way FOREO has fused the function of a manual toothbrush with the ease of an electronic one while creating something totally new. Unlike traditional vibrating devices, you can still use the natural gestures we’re all used to while brushing your teeth—up and down, side to side—while enjoying the benefits of a built-in timer and (quiet!) sonic pulses that work harder than manual brushing alone but won’t cause harm to your gums or enamel with vigorous sweeping or rotating. After each session, my teeth feel smooth and clean and noticeably less sensitive to that post-brush rinse with cold water.

Independent: FOREO's sonic toothbrush will put a smile on your face

How can you put a smile on your face? Well, according to the Independent it's easy to do it with - FOREO's ISSA 3, a toothbrush that is easy to love.
While most toothbrushes just rely on different levels of bristle firmness using the same material, the combination of different types of bristles and the ability to increase the speed by tiny amounts makes for a game-changing tooth cleaning experience that meant we could reach areas we’ve probably inadvertently neglected in the past. If that’s not enough to put a smile on your face, we’re stumped.

According to Get the Gloss ISSA 3 is your MUST

We are so excited because Get the Gloss recommended ISSA 3 as a new launch everyone should add to their basket.
What I love about it apart from the funky design and bold colours, the lightweight feel and the great grip is the fact that it lasts 365 days on one USB charge even when used at the highest of its 16 intensities.

Pure Wow: ISSA 3 is a secret of a healthy smile

Kelsey Paine from Pure Wow tested FOREO's new silicone electric toothbrush that is, BTW, her trick of a healthy smile. And if you are like her and if taking care of your, like she wrote, “hard-earned smile” is high on your list of priorities, then you will probably consider buying ISSA 3. It is, according to Kelsey Paine, the holy grail!
Once I completed my requisite few minutes of brushing and rinsed, I tried out the smooth and gentle tongue and cheek cleaner on the back of the brush. The verdict? My entire mouth felt squeaky-clean, like I’d just come back from a professional cleaning.

Unboxing Beauty: ISSA 3 is a nice upgrade of the ISSA 2

For someone who's been using FOREO's ISSA 2, ISSA 3 is a nice upgrade with the different sonic pulsations. Check out this ISSA 3 review.
Honestly, this is a nice upgrade to the ISSA 2.  The ISSA 3 still has that fantastic ergonomically correct design, making it comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver into the back of my mouth.  I like the different sonic pulsations and how easy it is to change them to get my desired intensity
And what do other users have to say about this revolutionary toothbrush?

Christina Hello:

Having experience with something outside the more traditional electric toothbrushes has changed my mind about them but I will be sticking with FOREO’s version for either a lifetime or until they come out with something even more mind-blowing.


When I first went to try out this toothbrush, I didn’t expect there was much to be improved in the world of dental care. Boy was I wrong! The FOREO ISSA 3 is definitely a valuable addition to my daily hygiene routine and a very unique device at that. I have every intention of using this for a long time to come!

Dental expert about ISSA 3: You’ll notice a difference in your oral health within a few days


The thing that I like most about this sonic toothbrush is actually the lack of accessories - I love that I don’t need a clunky charging station, I don’t need to replace the brush head as often and that the battery of the ISSA 3 lasts for so long after one full charge.
And if you are more a visual type of person and YouTube fan, check out these great videos that saying the same as those previous reviews  - ISSA 3 is your forever toothbrush.

The Highrise Hostess:




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Brenda 17/09/2021

I love that you included reviews for us to check out, the ChristinaHello review I've already read and it's super helpful :)

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doctor isaimini 18/09/2021

I have never seen tooth brush like this.. very nice review

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Claire 22/09/2021

Wow, interesting read! I've used the Issa 2 for a while now but I'm quite interested in upgrading. Can't wait to try out this amazing toothbrush


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