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Romance and Revenge: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Toothbrush out of Your Sight

We’ve all made some rash decisions when we were angry at our partner, but toothbrush revenge is where it gets personal. Ever wondered what happens to your toothbrush when you leave it behind in the bathroom? We recently conducted a survey with 1000 couples to uncover the worst things that people have done (or will admit to having done) to their partner’s toothbrush and the results are in. What’s the worst thing that people have done to their partners toothbrush without them knowing? They dropped it in the toilet. A harmless accident you say? Not only did 21% of people admit to dropping their partner's tooth in the toilet on purpose, they also used the toothbrush to clean the toilet bowl. Yuck! Is it a passive aggressive way to get your partner to switch up their grody old brush? Yes, but it is effective, because no matter how attached to the thing they may be, no one is going to use a toothbrush again after it has been dropped in the toilet. While harsh nylon bristles commonly found on disposable toothbrushes may come in handy for scrubbing toilet bowls and getting revenge on your partner, they certainly aren’t hygienic and shouldn’t be reused after such activities. While we can’t begin imagine the amount of harmful bacteria in all of the above toothbrush uses, we can think of a solution: the ISSA. This relationship-proof toothbrush is made from 100% anti-bacterial silicone, making it ultra-hygienic. With its chic and versatile design, you won’t want to let your ISSA out of sight.   Save scrubbing tile grout for disposable toothbrushes, keep ISSA for a healthier, brighter smile.

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