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It's Not Too Late Now to Say Sorry: Bieber Rant Inspires LUNA mini 2 Giveaway

Justin Bieber Giveaway
It turns out it burns when Biebs puts you on blast. At least, that's what everyone found out earlier this week when Justin Bieber posted a public (and less than positive) rant to his 91.6 million followers via a seemingly endorsed Insta-story that took a spectacularly wrong turn for the brands featured. The Biebs provided a rare insight into his skin care regimen, focusing heavily on his use of a rotating skincare-brush ‘all over the dome’. However, the 55-second story didn’t produce quite the flawless finish L’Oreal’s Clarisonic brand may have wanted. In a dramatic twist to conventional beauty endorsements, an increasingly frustrated Bieber breaks from the script and tells his fans what he really thinks:
“I wouldn’t take anything I just said seriously. How does my face look oily after I wash it? It’s oil central! F*ck!”

LUNA mini 2: A Skin Saver that Speaks for Itself

In response to Bieber’s barefaced disappointment at the shortcomings of his alleged current skincare regimen, FOREO is sending the star a unique LUNA mini 2, customized to match his distinctive tattoos. The LUNA mini 2 cleanses the skin with soft silicone touch points that are far gentler than nylon bristle brushes, and 35X more hygienic.

But that's not all! We're currently running an Instagram contest to replace fans’ Clarisonics with the award-winning LUNA mini 2!

  [embed width="560" height="315"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI4ubFRuKKo[/embed]   Simply post a photo or video showing regret and remorse with your Clarisonic to Instagram before Sunday September 24, 11.59pm PDT, using the hashtag #sorryIwantFOREO. Find us on Instagram @FOREO for more details.    

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