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Why It’s Time to Ditch Your Old Toothbrush and Go Hybrid!

The toothbrush is dead. Long live the toothbrush! Question: shouldn’t we all care about toothbrushes a little bit more? After all, this is something we stick in our mouth not once, but TWICE a day. It’s the first line of defense against cavities, plaque, bad breath, and all kinds of other oral nasties. It’s sits in your bathroom within sniffing distance of your toilet, for goodness sake!

Meet ISSA Hybrid

FOREO’s toothbrush obsession drove us to create our most sophisticated sonic model yet: the ISSA Hybrid. Turning conventional materials and approaches upside down, this is the toothbrush to make you care about toothbrushes!

Not Such a Silicone Idea…

Setting ISSA Hybrid apart is a unique cross-design brush head combining durable PBT polymer and ultra-soft silicone. A band of polymer bristles offers intense cleaning power, while surrounding silicone gently massages the gums.
Why silicone? We’re glad you asked: not only is it completely waterproof, it’s also naturally antibacterial, making the ISSA range by far the most hygienic choice for your bathroom counter.   

ISSA Hybrid Has Your Back Teeth

Inside the mouth, ISSA Hybrid’s silicone material presents yet more advantages still. Soft and non-erosive, it won’t wear down tooth enamel like conventional brushes. What’s more, its gentle touch means you can’t over-brush, which is a common cause of receding gums. Combine that with 183 high-intensity pulsations per second (as opposed to old-fashioned - not to mention abrasive - rotations) and the ISSA Hybrid advantage becomes clear: this is a brush that cares for teeth not just better, but smarter.

Game-Changer, Deal-Breaker, Heart-Breaker

Still not persuaded to ditch your tired old toothbrush for ISSA Hybrid? Consider this: you’ve invited your crush to your place for a nightcap. They excuse themselves to use your bathroom. If they’re greeted by a stinky, paste-splattered brush, nylon bristles all splayed and sad, chances are you can kiss romance goodbye. But a sleek, chic ISSA Hybrid? Well, hello there, good-looking! Discover ISSA Hybrid on FOREO.com.



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Leslie Poms 04/11/2017

Better tooth brush alternatives are great to find. I am constantly searching out healthier ways to oral care as it is a big priority to me.

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josephineray 14/11/2017

Wow , I hear first time about this toothbrush in this blog. It's a great and I like it. After know about this toothbrush i goes market and buy it. Such a its is a very latest technique to doing toothbrush.


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