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Meet the Brand New ISSA play!

Curious about the ISSA line? This mini battery-powered brush is the best place to begin! We’re proud to present the very newest member of the ISSA dental care line: ISSA play! This little electric toothbrush may be small in size, but it’s the perfect option for those who are curious about the difference that flexible silicone bristles and sonic pulse technology can make in their life, and their smile.

What is ISSA play?

In the pursuit of reinventing the electric toothbrush, FOREO’s original ISSA design revolutionized how we think about oral care. Using its stylish lines and the tough-on-plaque cleansing power of ISSA Hybrid, the ISSA play is an exciting development. The play Range is specifically focused on bringing the superior sonic pulse technology and ultra-hygienic silicone used in all our devices to curious beginners who are unsure if they’re ready to invest in a FOREO.

What Makes ISSA play so Special?

ISSA play may be the smallest of FOREO’s adult toothbrushes―you can find out about our toothbrushes designed for children and how to brush your baby’s teeth here―but  it is packing a lot of power.Iit boasts an impressive 9,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute, and with a  hybrid silicone and PBT Polymer brush head, you can make sure you’re getting the deep clean you need while still catering to sensitive gums. Unlike other brushes in the range, however, the ISSA play is designed without a need to replace the brush head and is powered by AAA batteries. This means you can try ISSA play for 6 months of use, and simply replace the batteries should they run out during that time―it’s the perfect starter brush! You can find your ISSA play―in whichever of the fun and fab bright colors best suits your personality―on FOREO.com or through ULTA Beauty!



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