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The Least Relaxing Ways to Relax

Managing stress can be stressful. At some point, we all find ourselves needing to unwind. And when life gets hectic, it’s good to have a reliable way to bring about inner peace. But not all relaxation techniques work the same for everyone. Here are a few unpopular opinions about popular ways to relieve stress.


Beloved by celebs and your insanely fit roommate alike, yoga is often noted as one of the best ways to relieve stress, combining exercise and mindfulness. But attending a yoga class can be an overwhelming experience. You’re attempting to use muscles you didn’t previously know existed, and the person next to you is basically a contortionist while you can hardly touch your toes. At least there’s comfortable clothing involved.


Sure, the pedicure chairs look comfortable, but then you sit in one and realize you’re either too tall or too short so the neck massagers are hitting all the wrong places. You’re painfully aware of the fact that the person performing this service for you has to hold stinky, gnarly feet close to their face all day. You’re just about to finally relax and enjoy that complimentary glass of wine when the scraping and scrubbing starts, forcing your body into tickle-fueled convulsions. And manicures are no better. You need to scratch your nose, but can’t - also known as the seventh level of hell.

Sheet Masks

Nothing says relaxation like a little self-care. But exactly what is so relaxing about sticking a cold, wet sheet of paper to your face? You deserve better.


Meditation is the ‘it girl’ of the stress management world. Anxious? Meditate. Angry? Meditate. But sitting in silence trying to focus on not thinking is easier said than done. Not all of us were born with the kind of willpower required to reach nirvana. Learning to meditate may be a worthwhile venture, but can definitely prove frustrating.


For some, getting rubbed down by a complete stranger while practically naked is a blissful experience. For others, the massage bed is a panic-inducing house of pain. There is no in between.   When it comes to stress management, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist; you have to find what works for you. Who knows, perhaps you’re one of those lucky individuals that finds cleaning to be a relaxing endeavor.

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