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The booming and blooming of Men's Skincare

Hey skincare world, you better watch out because men are stepping up!  When it comes to skincare, a lot of men rely solely on the shower gel and body spray gift sets they get for Christmas. Or do they? In these recent months, we saw women working on their grooming routine more than ever before - boosting their skincare regimes and growing out natural hair and nails. However, men have stepped up too!

Men’s skincare is on the rise

There’s been a significant surge in men’s beauty and skincare in recent years. You can see it in magazines, online publications, social media and in stores. Drugstore shelves are getting stacked with products dedicated to men. Moreover, beauty and skincare companies are coming up with new and exciting products for their male customers. Why? Because the demand is growing rapidly. For instance, this year in the period of February 1 to May 20 foreo.com had over 50% surge in traffic by male users compared to the same time last year. Transactions for male users were up by 27% through COVID and sales of men’s devices up by over 38%. Traditionally around 90% of our traffic is female users and this is the first time we have seen, not only a sharp spike in male users, but a high spike and conversion rate that has stuck. It continues to rise today so perhaps men have now found the value in ‘at home’ beauty. We are so delighted by this news because we truly believe that everyone stands to gain from proper skincare. Furthermore, building and maintaining a healthy skincare routine is a lot easier than it seems.

Building a skincare routine for men

Don’t worry if you’re just a novice who splashes his face with water and uses a moisturizer occasionally - you’re off to a good start. But in order to let your skin thrive concentrate on these three steps. Firstly, you have to cleanse it well. Using just water or a bar of soap and your hands won’t do the trick. Secondly, you have to nourish it. Start with moisturizer but don’t be afraid to expand to face masks, toners or serums. Build your routine slowly but build it to last! Finally, you have to protect your skin. Sunscreen is a must if you don’t want wrinkles, spots or lasting damage. 

Useful tools

There are great tools that can help you maintain your routine. To keep your skin truly clean use a gentle cleanser and a facial cleansing brush. Invest in the best and get a superb beauty-tech device that will keep your skin clean AND prep it for a great shave. Believe it or not, the best devices are also equipped with an anti-aging system for a superb skincare experience. FOREO’s devices use lower-frequency pulsations to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as leave the skin looking firm and youthful. What more could you ask for? To sum up - cleanse, moisturize and don’t forget about sunscreen! Stay fresh and clean and share your thoughts in the comments! 



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Eric White 19/06/2020

Yeah, especially in the lockdown, we really get rough when we stick to our known ;)

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Elijah 20/05/2022

Thanks for the tips. Each and everything you have shared in this blog. Really, it is helpful. I will bookmark your site.

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erika 20/05/2022

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Dear Elijah, thank you for sharing! We really appreciate it! Stay tuned for more cool articles coming soon!


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