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Tips and tricks for better skin from FOREO's Head of Education

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Head of Education for beauty innovation powerhouse, FOREO UK and Ireland, Chris Luckham, has worked for the brand for over five years. As a trained beauty therapist and skincare specialist, Chris’s knowledge on facial anatomy and skin is vast. We ask Chris about his favourite devices, beauty hacks and top tips and tricks to keep our beauty and wellness routines.   

  • What is your typical skincare regime? 

I always start with cleansing, using my LUNA™ 4 and a glycolic or salicylic acid-based gel wash. Pat dry, and then on bare skin, I use BEAR™ 2 with SUPERCHARGED™ Serum 2.0 and do a 6-minute routine all over the face and neck. I then follow up with a vitamin C serum/oil/moisturizer. The last and final coat is SPF/makeup, depending on the day ahead.  

  • Why should someone use a cleansing device, and what do you love about LUNA™ 4 most?

Possibly the hardest question I get asked in and outside of work - it’s like comparing washing your car with a dirty bucket of water and sponge to a jet wash. The thing I like most about LUNA apart from the fact that you can use ANY cleanser, is that it’s fully waterproof and made out of silicone, which keeps the bacteria away. FOREO LUNA4 men on the table with a laptop and a mobile phone  

  • BEAR™ 2 is the latest innovation from FOREO - who should incorporate microcurrent into their skincare routine, and what do you love most about the new device?

Anyone over the age of 18 could use it. I get passionate about microcurrent because it works for anyone who wants to produce more strength in facial muscles and contours. What BEAR™ 2 does differently from other microcurrent devices is that it has four different types of microcurrent and T-Sonic™ pulsations, giving the skin an immediate lift and glow. It also has a revolutionary Anti-Shock system on board, so even if you have it on full power, if used correctly, you won’t feel a thing (that was my first fear when it came to using at home microcurrent - will it hurt?).  

  • What do you love about UFO™ 3, and which is your favorite Farm to Face mask?

Most would say LED therapy, but for me it's the fact that it does so much at once and so quickly, too! It’s the only device that makes me look and feel different to how I did before using it in just two minutes. My favorite mask is Açai berry, for the sheer fact that it binds all my dehydrated skin together in the most holistic and hugging sense than I could ever try and put into words. It’s ultra plumping when used with red light LED - such a luxurious at-home facial treatment!  FOREO Acai Berry Mask

  • Do you have any secret tip/trick for our readers?

Shaving after using LUNA 4 - I can’t even explain how easy it is to shave after a proper deep cleanse. For ladies reading this, try it under your arms (you can sanitize the device with warm water and soap due to its medical-grade silicone, trust me!), and you’ll see what I mean!



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skin treatment 31/10/2023

I'm truly grateful for the invaluable tips and tricks shared by you. This expert guidance has been a game-changer in my skincare routine, and I can already see the positive results. Thank you, FOREO, for this insightful article!

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dora 31/10/2023

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Hi, gorgeous!

Thank you so much for these kind words :)

We are trying our best to assure our customers great product and even better tricks ;)


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