UFO 2: The Latest Advancement In Beauty-Tech

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The device of the future is here today.

There’s something truly otherworldly going on – the new UFO has landed. This superb device conveys so much in such a little package. What happens when you put T-Sonic pulsations, LED light therapy, warming and cooling in one device? You get the ultimate facial treatment in two minutes or less! Enjoy professional treatments in the comfort of your home with FOREO’s new revolutionary device. UFO 2 will love your skin like never before!

T-Sonic soundwaves

FOREO’s signature T-Sonic pulsations are a must in any self-respecting skincare device. These soundwaves reach deep into your skin – all the way to the cellular level. And they’re fast. Really fast, we’re talking about 10,000 pulsations a minute. This stimulates the skin, improves detoxification, reduces puffiness, smoothes fines lines and exfoliates the skin without pulling on it. Above all, it increases the absorption of creams and serums and boosts the efficiency of UFO mask treatments.

Thermo and Cryo-treatments

This revolutionary technology brings a lot to the table. Thermo-treatment allows your device to heat up to 45°C – the perfect temperature to open up pores and ensure deeper penetration of mask essences and nutrients. It loosens sebum on the skin’s surface – boosting radiance and softening your skin. 

Cryo-technology uses low temperatures to lift and firm the skin, reduce puffiness and shrink pores. It has celebrated anti-inflammatory benefits and is often used to treat certain skin conditions. I know what you’re thinking – all of this in one device is crazy. But we just scratched the surface.

LED light therapy

The most impressive feature of the UFO 2 device is LED light therapy. This sought-after treatment comes with the UFO 2 in 8 different wavelengths. That’s 8 different colors with 8 different skin-health benefits. 

The Red LED stimulates collagen production, diminishes fine lines and helps skin heal quicker. Blue mitigates acne, kills bacteria and stops breakouts. Green brightens up complexion and evens out skin tone. It gets rid of all the discolorations! The White LED reaches the deepest layers of skin and promotes rejuvenation. Purple eliminates toxins, boosts radiance and accelerates healing. Orange eases sun damage and delivers a healthy glow. Yellow fights rosacea and swelling while improving skin tone. Finally, the Cyan LED calms stressed-out skin while reducing swollen capillaries.

The out-of-this-world device

This smart device automatically connects to the FOREO For You App. You can personalize your settings and routines in the app. You can find guided routines too. These pre-programmed power mask treatments correspond with each mask and use each superb feature accordingly. It also comes with the “Find my UFO 2” feature – that way you’ll never lose your beloved device.

UFO-activated Face Masks

FOREO has two mask collections you can use with your device. The first collection is inspired by K-Beauty – the very best in skincare. We enlisted the help of top Korean skincare experts to develop and formulate UFO Activated Masks. There are seven different formulas so everyone can find exactly what their skin craves the most – glow, hydration, anti-aging etc. 

The second collection is called “Farm to face” and it’s inspired by the very best natural ingredients from around the globe. Our breakthrough hydrocell masks are 100% plant-based, biodegradable and full of nutrients. They help keep skin replenished, fresh and naturally radiant!

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6 responses to “UFO 2: The Latest Advancement In Beauty-Tech”

  1. Tammy Jamri says:

    I have the ufo. What’s the difference with the ufo2?

    • carly says:

      Hi Tammy, The UFO 2 is a device that uses T-Sonic facial massaging, full-spectrum LED light therapy, upgraded tech as well as faster heating and cooling options and optimized app-led treatments. Therefore it has the same heating and cooling temperatures as the UFO but with the added benefit of changing the heating in the settings to your preference when in manual mode.   

  2. Sarah Yates says:

    Hi Team
    How do I access the yellow light on my ufo2 please?
    I have used the masks that have the activated red/green/ blue light but not found the one for yellow yet.


    • carly says:

      Hi Sarah, You can access this in the manual mode of your UFO 2 via the App. Please select the little cog symbol next to your device on the App and you can achieve it there.

  3. Inez says:

    Can you use ufo2 without the masks to take advantage of the light therapy?

    • carly says:

      Hi Inez, We wouldn’t recommend using the UFO2 on bare skin whilst the heating mode is on as this may burn the skin.

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