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The 6 Ways To UFO

UFO with a blurred background of a girl reading a book in bed
Time to get creative with your supercharged facials On today’s menu, we’re offering up UFO, served not one, not two, but 6 different ways. Basically, we’re going to let you in on 6 totally clever ways to use your UFO supercharged facial device that you probably never thought of… or maybe you have (we’re not mindreaders). Either way, why not give it a look.  

1) The goody two shoes of masking

Face it, you don’t like to deviate too far from the norms, and that’s fine. This is the superordinary (but still totally okay) way to use UFO’s supercharged 2-minute facial treatments. The basic of the basics, if you will. Get your UFO and use it as a quick masking treatment at home, thanks to FOREO's ever-growing collection of UFO-activated smart masks. Now here's a cute (yet only slightly relevant) GIF of the iconic Mean Girls character, Gretchen Wieners. Enjoy. Gretchen saying "that's the rules of feminism"  

2) F is for Friends who face mask together

Why not mask with a friend? Here’s a great excuse to invite your friend/friends over for a spa night and get ready to mask your hearts out. Whether you each have your own UFO or you’re sharing the one, either way works. Just remember NOT to use the same mask sheet on both faces (germs are so not cute). Besides, there's so many FOREO facial masks out there just waiting to be used, so why not try out a few? And if anyone makes fun of you for your idea of a fun night, just remember... Joey, Ross, Chandler younger looking skin  

3) The road less travelled by

Travelling can be rough on your skin, so what better way to combat the effects of hour-long car rides and stuffy plane air than with a small practical and facial device that will hydrate and wake up your skin.  Taking care of your skin while you travel can actually have A LOT of crucial benefits. No wonder celebrities and models use UFO to get their skin camera ready. Plus, it’s just one of the great skincare traveling tips that will help simplify your beauty routine when you're on the go. Bridesmaids travel scene  

4) Netflix & UFO

Who doesn’t love multitasking? We know we do. Hit play on your favorite TV show or movie and sprawl out on the sofa, while enjoying your favorite facial treatment à la UFO. Warning! The only downside to this method is it might be a bit difficult to stuff your face with popcorn while you’re at it… or it might not, depending on your expertise. Now just sit back and enjoy this royal skincare treatment like the royalty that you truly are inside. Princess eating popcorn  

5) Put It In A Sock

This sounds a lot weirder than it actually is… since Christmas is around the corner, you can gift a UFO supercharged 2-minute facial device to a friend or family member. Just put it in their Christmas stocking and wait for them to pull it out on Christmas day. Remember the famous words of Mariah Carey's holiday hit: All I want for Christmas is U(FO)? Generally, my skincare philosophy is that if it's good enough for this musical Queen, then it's good enough for us too. And if you need some extra inspiration for what to get for your loved ones, definitely check out our list of great holiday gifts that you can grab this holiday season. Mariah Carey singing "All I want for Christmas"  

6) The after-party

A good party definitely has its consequences. Not only does a great night with friends leave you feeling exhausted the next day, but it can also pose a serious threat to your skin - especially around the holiday season. A little too much mulled wine feels good (and tastes yummy) in the moment, but soon enough you and your skin will come to regret it. That's where UFO comes in; the fan-favorite supercharged facial pulls all the stops to brighten up your tired skin using thermal technology and light therapy to give your skin the TLC it needs after a rough night.  Woman saying "I'm ready to partaaaay"   Now that we've enlightened you with these 6 cool ways to use your UFO supercharged 2-minute facial device, we'd love to hear back. Which creative ways to use UFO are your fave? And of course, don't hesitate to let us know if we missed any (we're only human). Leave your comments in the reply box down below.        

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