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That’s Hot: Why Thermotherapy is All The Rage Right Now

A warm welcome to your skincare routine. If you’re well-versed in the beauty world, you’re probably no stranger to the term ‘thermotherapy’, a technology that has recently gained popularity over the past few years, and with good reason. When the developers at FOREO were deciding what to include in their next out-of-this-world beauty launch, UFO, thermotherapy was a no-brainer! Read below to discover all the benefits of this incredible beauty-tech and find out why it’s the missing piece to your beauty regimen.

What is Thermo-Therapy?

Thermo-Therapy is a technology that uses gentle heat to soothe and revitalize skin. The warming effect on skin softens and preps the face for product absorption. It’s also super relaxing first thing in the morning or right before bed!

What are the benefits of Thermo-Therapy?

The UFO supercharged 2-minute facial utilizes Thermo-Therapy as it gradually warms the skin and helps infuse active ingredients into the skin, making them much more effective in a fraction of the time! When combined with FOREO’s signature T-Sonic pulsations, also known as Hyper-Infusion Technology, mask ingredients are able to go even deeper, for a flawless complexion in only 90 seconds!  

Say Hello to Skincare Heaven

UFO lets you whisk yourself away into a relaxing oasis, providing an indulgent skincare treatment for all your senses. With the help of UFO’s Thermo-Therapy, facials never felt so good!

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