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Have you heard of these 5 cool gadgets yet?

Get blown away by these impressive novelties! When scientific and technological knowledge are put to the test, the end results are nothing short of impressive. These cool gadgets serve as a reminder that the power of innovation knows no limits. 

Mink’s 3D Makeup Printer

Imagine taking a picture of a beautiful sunset, your neighbor’s dog or some fresh strawberries and then turning that into makeup. Impossible, right? Not anymore. A company called Mink already turned this into reality with its 3D Makeup Printer. The printer weighs less than a kilogram and prints out over 16.7 million different colors. How does it work? Just upload any image into the app and press send to print. The device takes about 15 seconds to print it out and the makeup is immediately ready to apply. Ah, the curious wonders of technology!


Keep your skincare smart too! FOREO’s LUNA fofo is armed with 24K gold-plated skin sensors. These sensors analyze skin in seconds and create a customized program just for you. The routine changes with your skin to optimize its condition and health. The FOREO For You app unlocks all the key features of LUNA fofo: tailor-made programs, analysis or your main facial zones and hydration measures. Track your skin’s health on a daily basis to get the most out of your skincare routine! FOREO LUNA fofo on blue and with background in pink and blue colors  

Fittrack’s Medical Scale

Ever heard of Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology? This smart scale sends a low electrical signal that calculates 17 different body composition measurements in under 20 seconds. Keep track of your BMI, muscle mass, hydration levels and more. It recognizes users and tracks results for up to 8 different people, including your baby. Yep, there’s an infant mode. Track your progress through the app to stay fit and healthy!

Ms. Dear’s DIY Face Mask Printer

Create custom face masks with fruit or vegetable juice, tea, honey, wine, essential oils etc. Mix a collagen tablet with a liquid of your choice and hit print. Give your mask a minute or two to solidify and it’s ready! This is a fun way to mask while making sure your ingredients are safe and chemical-free.

Click and Grow’s Smart Garden 3

Enjoy healthy homegrown food all year long! Grow fresh herbs, fruits and veggies no matter where you live. It doesn’t matter if your gardening skills are up to par either. This indoor garden takes care of itself with automated watering, light and nutrients. It works just like a capsule coffee machine. Insert a biodegradable plant pod and watch your garden flourish!

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