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Come Check Out Culture with Coco

Meet the latest member of the FOREO family! German influencer, Chiara is best known for her envy-inducing Insta account, Culture with Coco, and a star when it comes to fashion, travel and lifestyle. Zimbabwean-born, she is used to traveling all around the world and looking fabulous while she does it! We talk to her about her fave places to visit, her travel must-packs, and more!

How old were you when you first caught the travel bug?

Chiara: Growing up in a well traveled family, my parents always told us to open our eyes to all the beautiful cultures and countries out there. Growing up in Zimbabwe, Africa we would travel a lot to South-Africa, Mozambique, Zambia as well as the gorgeous island of Mauritius. When we moved to Germany, I remember being so grateful to live in a country which is so close to so many historical cities in Europe which has made travelling really easy for me throughout the years.

What has been the most surreal place you've visited?

C:I must say that Petra, Jordan and The Great Pyramids of Giza have been the most surreal places I have ever been. It is fascinating how in the middle of Petra there is a beautiful carved out building out of stone. The Pyramids were also very fascinating. It is very impressive and mind-blowing to this day what they managed to create so many centuries ago.

Which country is at the top of your bucket list?

C:I have a lot of countries which I am dying to visit. A bucket list country which I would love to visit at the end of this year will have to be my home town of Zimbabwe. The wildlife there is amazing and the wildlife parks are really nice and authentic. The people there are very very kind plus they do host the most amazing Vic Falls Carnival every New Years. Top DJs perform for thousand of people at one of the seven wonders of the world The Victoria Falls. It is also very cool for sight-seeing and cool activities. They offer white water rafting, zip-liners, helicopter flights as well as bungee jumping.

You've been traveling quite a lot. Do you ever feel a bit burned out by all the traveling?

C:I really must say that every person should have a balance when it comes to travelling. I try not to be away too long since I do love my apartment in the heart of Berlin. I also try to balance my travels so that I do have some down-time in between trips. This is actually really common but I really believe that sometimes it can overwhelm you to do back to back travels since you are so concerned in documenting every perfect moment that you actually dont enjoy the holiday. I plan my travels so that I know I have a couple of days to actually appreciate where I am at. I could never imagine being a full time travel blogger though. I have actually spoken with a few full time travel bloggers like Garrett from @thebucketlistfamily and I cannot imagine how well organised you have to be to live this lifestyle (especially with kids). Its very fascinating but it is for a very special type of person/couple and family.

Ok, let us on a little secret. How do you prepare for a trip?

C:I really like to pamper myself before a trip. I usually go to my favorite Cowshed Spa in the Soho House and get a nice and relaxing massage with some girlfriends. I will then usually stop by my favorite nail place and get a manicure and pedicure. It is so relaxing and gets you in the holiday spirit.

And your top 3 city break beauty essentials...

C:I must say that I do pride myself for actually sticking to a great night-time routine even when I travel. I do love the FOREO LUNA mini 2 since it is actually travel size appropriate. I also do travel with my ISSA 2 toothbrush. A great tip from a friend of mine was to try Korean face masks when youre laying by the pool. Especially in super hot countries it is very important to stay hydrated inside and out.

What's something you pack that's not absolutely essential but you like having it?

C:I was once told the best life hack ever was to invest in a good make-up primer. When you are on holiday the worst thing that can happen to you is if your glasses slip off your nose all the time. That is very annoying. Add some makeup primer to the bridge of your nose and it solves that problem. The best part is that it also works for regular glasses!

Have you already got your next trip all planned out?

C:Yes I do, next week I leave to Zürich, Switzerland and then to Kitzbühel, Austria. Zurich is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, located in the middle of breathtaking mountain views. One of the world's most famous shopping streets along Bahnhofstrasse leads to Lake Zurich. A wonderful alpine panorama accompanies you the whole time. Kitzbühel is in the middle of the Austrian Alps. Great restaurants, beautiful spas and breathtaking hiking trails through the Alps.

The Fab FOREO Family

We’re beyond exciting to announce Chiara is the latest to take part in  FOREO’s brand new ambassador program! Whether you were already a fan or new to her Insta, we hope you’ll keep your eyes peeled for her latest posts– and stay tuned for exciting new projects from her and FOREO!

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