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Take a Quiz: Which LUNA Is the Right Pick for You?

Colorful FOREO LUNA brushes in a yellow bathroom

LUNA 3, LUNA 2, LUNA play… Then, where are the mini ones? Even though every LUNA is super soft and extra gentle for your face, there are some differences between each one. Or simply put - every LUNA is specially designed for specific needs. So, we prepared a quick quiz for you. Answer those simple questions and find out which LUNA is perfect for you so you can start your skincare journey with this magnificent device. 

Fun facts about LUNA

Whichever LUNA you have (or you are going to have), here are some interesting facts about this iconic cleansing brush:

  • because of its extra-soft touchpoints, LUNA is one of the safest devices you can find
  • silicone from which LUNA is made is 35x more hygienic than nylon and nonporous to prevent bacteria buildup
  • LUNA range devices take just 1 quick minute of your time per cleanse while offering perfectly clean refreshed skin
  • Featuring sealed USB charging ports, LUNA range devices are 100% waterproof & usable in the shower
  • It has staggering battery life -  up to 650 uses per single USB charge


Get your LUNA now!

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