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La Vie Est Belle, Avec Hannah!

Hannah Romao of Avec Hannah
Say Olá and Bonjour and to Hannah Romao! Better known as Avec Hannah, she is a French influencer of Brazilian descent. Passionate about fashion from an early age, she recently started to share the love with her loyal friends and followers, both on her gorgeously curated blog and downright dreamy Instagram. MYSA caught up with this in-the-know fashion star to talk icons, elegance - and skincare secrets!

Why did you decide to start fashion blogging?

I started blogging four years ago when I was working in Chanel. I was a coordinator between Chanel boutique in St. Tropez and Courchevel, and was following a lot of bloggers at the time. So I thought why not try and do it myself, as everyone’s been always telling me how creative I was. All it took me was one year to turn it into my only job. I put a lot of effort into my editorial line to keep it always fresh, luxurious and as happy as I feel as a Brazilian girl living in Paris.

Where does your passion for fashion come from?

My passion for fashion started with beach wear actually, because my father owned a beach wear brand. His brand was the first dedicated beach brand in the world and it was founded in Brazil. I always considered myself very lucky being able to grow up in this creative environment and my interest only grew stronger as I moved to Paris. Hannah Romao of Avec Hannah in Paris

On the fashion side, who are the fashion icons that inspire you?

Olivia Palermo, because she’s very fashionable and yet always so elegant. Caroline Daur and Negin Mirsalehi are the influencers that I respect the most; and Camila Coelho for Brazilian style inspo and also the story of her success.

How do you describe your style?

I would say elegant but not boring. I love prints and I love colors, and I want them to look matching but stay classy. I love to express my joy in my clothes, so I rarely wear black. One has to keep in mind that we don’t all have the same body and not all trends suits all of us. This is my motto.

Your Instagram profile is very successful - what's the secret? 

Three things: Authenticity and modesty; sharing good vibes; and being super spontaneous - keeping it real!

Finally, you always look fantastic! Tell us about your beauty ritual

Skincare! As a Brazilian, I love to take care of my skin in general but especially my face. I love to spend time at beauty centers, but I don’t always have that much time. Especially since I started blogging and attending all these events, I have less time for facial treatments. So when I discovered that I can get professional skincare at home with the UFO, I started taking it all the time with me to New York, Milan... all these fashion weeks. Even with the lack of sleep I can always get that glow!  

The Fab FOREO Family

We’re thrilled to announce that Hannah is the latest to take part in FOREO’s brand new ambassador program! Whether you were already a fan or new to her channel, we hope you’ll keep your eyes peeled for her latest videos – and stay tuned for exciting new projects from her and FOREO!  



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Sarah Anderson 18/05/2020

Nice story thanks for sharing wits us guys :)


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