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How to Prevent Oily Skin

There is such a thing as shining too bright -- here's how to keep oily skin to  a minimum. Often, how oily skin is caused comes down to genetic or hormonal factors that cannot be controlled - in these cases you can only look at ways to treat the excess oil on your face. But other times, it is external factors that are causing that periodic greasy sheen - the best course of action is to take is preventative measures.

 1. Wash your Face the Right Way

Always make sure to wash your face twice a day - in the morning and before you go to sleep, but no more than that. Washing too often can dry out the skin and cause sebaceous glands to overreact by producing more oil. Use lukewarm water as hot water may dry or irritate the skin and stay away from harsh soaps or facial cleansers that may dry out the skin. Find a cleanser that is gentle but suitable for oily skin - used in combination with the LUNA mini 2, this is a great way for unclogging pores of oil and helping to keep you face shine-free.

 2. Wear the Correct Kind of Makeup

Read the ingredients list to make sure your cosmetics are oil-free and non-comedogenic. Try a mineral powder or water-based foundation, and powder blush and eye shadow rather than creams. And remember to wash off all of your makeup before going to bed.

 3. Use a Suitable Moisturizer

Even though it may seem strange to moisturize oily skin, it’s still something you should do. Skin that’s oily still needs moisture so oil glands don’t produce excess oil. Try to use moisturizers and sunscreens that are oil-free, but don’t use makeup-removing cold creams or lotions as they may leave a greasy film on the skin.

 4. Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

For skin that isn’t oily all the time, but suffers from periodic bouts of shininess, watch to see whether your food intake corresponds to your oily skin so you can adjust your diet accordingly. Make an effort to avoid sugar, dairy and refined carbohydrates, as some studies show these can aggravate oily skin conditions. Eat natural foods and fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible.   If you are not drinking enough fluids, your skin is bound to dry out, leading to more oil production. To keep your skin well hydrated, you need to drink at least two liters of water daily. Drinking caffeinated beverages or alcohol should be stopped as well if you are serious about keeping your face oil-free

 5. Catch Up on Sleep and Stay Stress-Free

Both sleep deprivation and excessive amounts of stress can cause a spike in androgen production - a hormone that is directly responsible for stimulating oil production. So it’s important to get a proper amount of sleep every night and find time during the day to unwind. Getting plenty of physical exercise can help, and though it may be hard to cut stress out of your life completely, take 10 minutes of your day to relax in a bath or practice meditation techniques.

 6. Keep Oil Away from Your Face

Several things come into contact with the face on a daily basis that may transfer oils onto it. So keep your hands and hair off of your face as both carry naturally occurring oils. Also make sure to clean your cellphone or telephone with an alcohol wipe daily, change face towels often and wash makeup brushes weekly, as all of these carry oils from contact with your face and hands.   Much of preventing oily skin is adopting a daily routine that reduces or stops excess sebum production. By taking a bit of extra time every day and following our tips, you can easily achieve the matte, oil-free skin you want.  



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Carter 20/11/2020

Thank you for giving such a nice tips to prevent oily skin.
You had explained the correct way of using make up and washing face as excessive face washing can also dry our skin. I am using your tips and it helps a lot.

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carly 20/11/2020

In reply to by Carter


You are most welcome Carter! Good luck


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