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FOREO x Hit the Hay: Two Brands Joined Forces to Provide Relaxation and Comfort for Your Skin

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FOREO and Hit the Hay have partnered up to create a foolproof sleep routine that will leave you feeling refreshed and your skin glowing with youthful radiance. Your sleep-prep ritual begins with indulging in a moment of mindfulness and deep relaxation with FOREO’s beauty-tech power mask UFO™ 2 supercharged with Call It A Night nourishing face mask. Formulated with rich olive oil and rejuvenating ginseng, this deeply nourishing face mask is the perfect end to each day. 

Skincare starts with a good sleep

Sleeping is not just a way to recharge, it is also the best way to prevent wrinkles and other skin issues. In the first three hours of sleep, the pituitary gland produces the growth hormone somatotropin which plays an important role in maintaining youthful and healthy skin. While science made it clear that a good skincare routine begins with a good night of sleep, in today’s busy lifestyle it’s often hard to unwind and prepare your body and mind for quality sleep. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/the-connection-between-sleep-and-skin/ Inspired by our love of nature and coziness (mysa), FOREO and Hit the Hay joined creative forces to create a set that is designed to provide relaxation and comfort for your skin, body, mind, and soul. Or simply put - this set is your ultimate beauty sleep kit.

Pamper yourself 

Besides FOREO's UFO™ 2 and Call It A Night nourishing face mask, in FOREO x Hit the Hay's bundles you'll find premium quality bedding and an incredibly soft and elegant lyocell kimono with a minimal cut for maximum comfort. [caption id="attachment_13049" align="aligncenter" width="992"] Hit The Hay’s premium quality bedding and kimono made out of lyocell with FOREO's UFO™ 2 and Call It a Night face mask are your beauty sleep kit.[/caption] UFO™ 2 device is truly an out-of-this-world skin-tech tool that nourishes both your body and mind. Packed in a cute, but powerful puck, the device combines LED light therapy featuring 8 different wavelengths, each equally impressive in their performance with thermotherapy, cryotherapy, and the brand’s signature T-sonic pulsations to deliver professional-level results in only two minutes. Masking with UFO 2 improves skin moisture levels by 126% after only 90 seconds and, as nothing gets wasted on the surface, the effect lasts up to 6 hours, while UFO 2 has also been clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just seven days. To seal your anti-aging sleep routine perfectly, make sure you are sleeping on Hit The Hay’s premium quality bedding made out of lyocell - less harmful to the environment, super soft to the skin, naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and taking breathability to the next level. Lyocell, the fabric of the future, cruelty-free and softer than silk, will not trap your skin’s moisture and it will keep your skin hydrated all throughout the night, giving you a much-desired #wokeuplikethis fresh and rejuvenated look.

Get ready for your beauty sleep



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