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How to Cleanse and Firm With LUNA™ 4?

Hands holding a wooden tray with bath salt, liquid soap, and FOREO LUNA 4

LUNA™ facial cleansing brush, FOREO's timeless classic, is a revolutionary device that not only removes 99% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue but also firms and depuffs your face. Since its launch ten years ago, it has transformed skincare routines worldwide and has become synonymous with effectiveness, convenience, and overall skin health. Every great invention has an interesting backstory. LUNA™'s story started with an anniversary gift gone wrong - ten years later, it has become a backbone of the Swedish Cleansing Routine and a starting point for a line of groundbreaking skin and oral care devices. With LUNA™ 4, the latest generation of the product, the brand has perfected the world's first silicone facial cleansing device into a unique tool that provides the most effective yet gentle cleanse and a massage that will revive your senses.   


Why Spend Money on a Facial Cleansing Device?

Well, you don’t have to insist on it. You can keep washing your face with your hands. You might want to save some extra money and brush your teeth with your fingers. Same thing, isn’t it?   

Is LUNA™ 4 Worth Its Price?

FOREO devices are a sustainable, one-time investment - proven to work for a long time without needing replacement parts or any other unexpected, hidden costs. In fact, our users who brought their first LUNA™s ten years ago report still using them! FOREO consistently prioritizes eco-friendly practices by utilizing long-lasting rechargeable batteries, reducing waste associated with disposable alternatives, and employing silicone materials that are non-porous and hygienic.   

What Does LUNA™ 4 Do for Your Skin?

It doesn't "cleanse" your face, it really cleanses your face 

Cleansing your face with your hands is much less effective than you might think. LUNA™ 4 is 99% effective in removing dirt from skin after just one use. It is also 35 times more hygienic than facial cleansing brushes with nylon bristles that push dirt and makeup residue back into the skin. 

Brush head made specifically for your skin type 

While scratchy nylon bristles can be a nightmare for sensitive skin, LUNA™s silicone touchpoints are soft and gentle on the skin. In addition, it is designed by skin type: for balanced, sensitive, and combination skin and for men's skin and beard. 

Personalized cleansing 

LUNA™ 4 provides a tailored cleanse based on the skin type and problematic areas of the face. Different cleansing modes cater to your skin's needs: you can choose between gentle, regular, and deep cleanse. There are also 16 T-Sonic™ pulsation intensities for the most personalized cleansing experience.  

It does more than you expect from a cleansing device 

Next to the perfect cleansing, LUNA™ 4 firms and massages. There are five different massage patterns for you to choose from (each with its unique benefit). At the same time, four app-guided routines make your life easier - you can fully relax and follow the instructions without wondering if you are doing it right.  

Reduces visible signs of aging  

Directing low-frequency pulsations to help firm wrinkle-prone areas, LUNA™ 4 effectively helps reduce visible signs of aging. It also helps to temporarily dilate pores, increase the absorption of skincare, relax facial muscle tension points, and improve lymphatic drainage — which boosts radiance and reduces puffiness.  

How to Cleanse With LUNA™ 4?

STEP 1 - Unlock device

Start by unlocking your device and registering your warranty via the FOREO For You app. 

STEP 2 - Apply cleanser

Dampen your face and apply your regular face cleanser. For optimal results, we recommend LUNA™ Micro-Foam Cleanser 2.0. Then wet LUNA™ 4. 

STEP 3 - Select preferences

Press the universal button to turn on your device. You can choose between Gentle, Regular, or Deep Cleanse modes using the buttons on the device for different areas of your face and neck. 

STEP 4 - Cleanse

Glide the silicone touchpoints on the front of LUNA™ 4 in circular motions over your face and neck until the skin is cleansed. Once finished, press the universal button to turn off your device (or it will automatically turn off after 1 min). Then, rinse the face, neck, and device. A model showing how to cleanse the face with FOREO LUNA 4 step by step

How to Firm With LUNA™ 4?

STEP 1 - Apply skincare 

Apply a thin layer of FOREO SUPERCHARGED™ Serum, or your desired skincare products, to clean and dry skin. 

STEP 2 - Activate massage 

Press the universal button once to turn on your device. Then double press the universal button to activate Firming Massage. Access guided Firming Massage treatments, or customize your massage via the FOREO app.  

STEP 3 - Firm skin 

Gently glide the back of the device from the center of your face to the outside of your face, in upward lines. Glide across your cheekbones and forehead, and over your jawline & neck, as desired. 

STEP 4 - Finish 

Your device will turn off automatically after 1 minute, or once your guided treatment is complete. Rinse the device with soap and water. Follow with your moisturizer or the rest of your skincare routine, as you prefer. A model shows four steps in FOREO LUNA 4 firming routine



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Fernanda Jaramillo 17/11/2023

Tengo una pregunta, cuando los 2 puntos metálicos de carga tocan mi cara con el masaje, me pasa electricidad y eso molesta, esto es normal?


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