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How to Unlock the Magic of UFO™ 3

FOREO UFO 3 device in pearl color, together with two hydrating masks on a bed

UFO™ 3 is a revolutionary facial hydration device that brings the extraordinary benefits of five anti-aging spa facials right to your fingertips. In just 2 minutes, this compact wonder elevates skin moisture levels by an astounding 126%, while clinically proving its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles within a single week. 

Let's get to know UFO™ 3

UFO™ 3 is your personal "beauty spa" encapsulated in a powerful yet cute appearance. This skin-tech tool combines cutting-edge technologies to rejuvenate and transform the skin, leaving it youthful, radiant, and truly revitalized. LED is a hot topic in the beauty industry for some years now, and UFO™ 3 is packed with advanced LED therapy,  providing an effective and gentle way to enhance your skin's vibrance. Delivering a full spectrum of LED lights, with each basting wavelength to address diverse skin needs. UFO™ 3's exceptional performance, is empowered by 8 different LED wavelengths. From illuminating the skin with the purple light to combating imperfections with the blue light, UFO™ 3 is also combined with thermotherapy, cryotherapy, and FOREO's signature T-sonic pulsations, promising professional-level results within a mere two minutes. So indulge in the exceptional benefits of cryotherapy a stimulant of collagen production, essential for maintaining youthful and healthy-looking skin.

Unlock the Magic of UFO™ 3 with UFO™ Activated Masks:

Activate Your Device To commence your transformative skincare journey, download the FOREO For You app to unlock your UFO™ 3 device and activate the warranty, securing peace of mind as you embark on your path to radiance. Step 1: Secure the Mask Begin with clean and dry skin. Extract the attachment ring from UFO™ 3 and retrieve your UFO™ Activated Mask from the sachet. Effortlessly place the mask onto the device and securely fasten it by clipping the attachment ring back in place. Embrace a moment of pure indulgence. Step 2: Select Your Treatment Activate UFO™ 3 by pressing the universal button, and peruse through eight pre-set treatments, each expertly designed to address specific skin concerns. Alternatively, access the specialized treatment for your UFO™ Activated Mask via the FOREO For You app under the 'Treatments' tab. Step 3: Hydrate and Massage With UFO™ 3 in your hands, delicately massage the mask formula into your skin using gentle circular motions across your face. Allow UFO™ 3's advanced technologies to facilitate deep absorption, enabling your skin to revel in the maximum benefits. Experience the Future of Skincare with UFO™ 3 and our UFO™ Activated Masks. Unleash the magic in just 2 minutes and watch your skin transcend to a realm of timeless beauty. FOREO's UFO™ 3: Elevating facial hydration to unprecedented heights, ensuring your skin shines with brilliance and confidence.



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Selina 27/12/2023

What’s the strength and new or different benefit compared to last

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dora 27/12/2023

In reply to by Selina


Hello Selina,

On the UFO™ 3, you can customize the 8 pre-set treatments to your preferences, via the app.
You can:

● Adjust the LED to pulse or be constant.
● Adjust the temperature to add heating Thermo-Therapy, cooling Cryo-Therapy or no temperature.
● Adjust the T-Sonic™ massage intensity.
● Adjust the auto-off time to make your treatment duration longer or shorter.

The device will remember the last treatment you used, the next time you turn it on.
If you prefer having the mask routines pre-set to your device, you will of course still have the option to go back to setting mask routines for each slot if you prefer, via the app.

Featuring 5 spa facials in one device to deeply hydrate with a heated mask, depuff with cooling & rejuvenate with LED light and massage, the UFO™ 3 is clinically proven to be more upgraded and effective than ever.


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