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Valentine's Day: 14 Gift Ideas for Him

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With February 14th less than a week away, and you still haven't had the time or lacked gift ideas for your loved ones (Shh! We won't tell anyone!), now is the time for some last-minute Valentine's Day shopping. This year, we're rooting for love in all its forms - last week, we shared ideas on treating ourselves, our partners, our mothers, our friends, and our kids. Today, we're sharing a list of Valentine's Day gifts for men in our lives. So, if you're looking for perfect presents for men, look no further: we've rounded up a list that combines style, tech, adventure, and self-care.  

Shower Gel

Sounds basic? Not if we're talking about LE LABO - Santal 33 Perfuming Shower Gel, whose scent is supposed to transport you to the plains of the American West, with nothing but the wind and night skies around you. The cardamom, iris, and violet notes, along with sandalwood and cedarwood, leathery and musky notes, form an intoxicating mix of LE LABO's iconic fragrance. We can't think of a better way to use it than in two.  

LE LABO - Santal 33 Shower Gel

Facial Cleanser & Massager

Treat him to a device that will not only prevent breakouts by removing 99% of dirt, oil, and sweat off his face but also eliminate razor burn and ingrown hair and relax facial muscle tension points. Specifically designed for thicker and oilier male skin, FOREO LUNA™ 4 Men uses T-Sonic™ pulsations and velvety-soft silicone touchpoints to cleanse the face and condition the beard for the smoothest shave of their life - with 97% of users reporting softer skin and a smoother shave and 90% reporting less razor burn, and longer lasting razor blades.

Get LUNA™ 4 Men now

A male model closeup, using FOREO LUNA 4 men facial cleansing brush to cleanse his face

Scented Candle

Aren't olfactory presents especially memorable? Remember how some scents immediately transport you to a time or place in your life? A luxurious candle for the evenings at home, just the two of you, a good dinner, a good movie, and a good snuggle - sounds just right. 


Our choices are Byredo's Biblioteque evoking papery library scent, interwoven with a touch peach, plum, vanilla, and patchouli; Diptyque's Maquis to transport you to the Mediterranean coast soaked into the sun-dried earth, rockrose shrubs' resin, and immortelle; and P.F. Candle Co. Geranium Moss with notes of soft sage, ginger root, lavender, and patchouli, inspired by lush wildflowers sprouting from fresh earth.Scented candles in glass containers: P.F. Candle Co. Geranium Moss, Diptyque Maquis, Byredo Bibliotheque

Sex Toy

If not for Valentine's Day, then when? We suggest LELO's range of luxury sex toys designed to increase pleasure and build intimacy (either with oneself or with a partner). Research has shown that satisfying sex between partners promotes relationship longevity, lowers the rate of extramarital affairs, and is positively associated with good health in middle age and late life. A little, beautifully designed (and very efficient, FYI) surprise to spice things up between the two of you - from a leading brand promoting a fulfilled, intimate life? You're very welcome for the tip.  

Book on Adventures

What if adventure could be found in your backyard? British adventurer Alastair Humphreys spent more than 20 years traveling by bike around the world, walking across India, and rowing the Atlantic - until family life and climate change made him reconsider what adventure means (and what it could, potentially, mean). Set out to explore the outskirts of his "unadventurous local environment," he came up with a concept of microadventures - adventures that are close to home, cheap, and short, and yet could end up being very rewarding. Trying to encourage others to get outside, awe at the night sky or a bog in their neighborhood, he wrote a book Microadventures, that we wholeheartedly recommend as a way to treat your loved one - it might change both of your perspectives on what adventure, and traveling could be. Alastair Humphrey's Microadventures book cover in front of a lilac background

Bottle for an Adventurer

Whether his next adventure will be exploring the neighborhood, a day trip to the nearby woods, a night under the open skies, or a long-planned trip to the unknown part of the world, a reliable water or tea bottle can go a long way. We recommend Stanley for their sturdiness and durability (coming from a person who's been using her Stanley bottle for years- for both hiking and thirst-quenching on drives home from work).  


When talking about adventures (or simply going to work, the gym, a weekend trip, or a hike), a practical, cool backpack definitely comes in handy. We propose Patagonia backpacks for their practicality, durability, beautiful design, and the company's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Patagonia is known for using recycled fabrics for its garments and renewable energy for its stores, rejecting fast fashion by building long-lasting equipment, discouraging customers from buying too many of its products, and producing in fair-trade certified factories.  

Sonic Toothbrush

The perks of being a grown-up: did you know that 50% of adults suffer from inflamed gums? ISSA 3 silicone toothbrush is clinically proven to reduce gingivitis, by cleaning teeth and massaging gums with soft, bacteria-resistant bristles. Its unique hybrid brush head combines extremely soft medical-grade silicone to gently massage gums while also featuring PBT polymer bristles that expertly break down plaque. And if that doesn't sound as romantic as you'd wish for Valentine's Day, then you obviously forgot about kissing. 

Get ISSA™ 3

Two black FOREO ISSA electronic toothbrushes on a bathroom counter, with two blurry men figures in the back

Cardholder Wallet

Practical gifts are always a divider between those all in and those all out, and we admit that a wallet could fall into a practical gift category. But, if it's coming from A.P.C., a Paris-based brand known for its cool, laid-back, minimalistic, high-quality ready-to-wear and leather goods, then it's a pretty special gift. A.P.C. cardholders are decisively simple, stylish, and slim - to easily fit into every pocket.   

Deep Facial Hydration Device

FOREO claims that "life's too short for boring skincare products". That's where UFO™ 3 deep hydration device comes into play: using warming thermo-therapy, cooling cryo-therapy, full spectrum LED lights, and T-Sonic™ pulsations to give your partner (or you) an at-home facial that will leave your partner's (or your) skin rejuvenated and hydrated in under two minutes. The technologies in the device help the active ingredients from facial masks penetrate deep into the skin, providing long-lasting hydration, firming and depuffing the skin, minimizing the pores and the appearance of wrinkles. Need we say more?

Get UFO™ 3 device now

FOREO UFO 2 black hydration device on a pink surface. A pink rose and a perfume bottle with a black closure. Golden leaves scattered over the pink surface.

Pour-Over Kettle

Specialty-coffee-lovers' dream, Fellow's Stagg iconic pour-over kettle is a work of art and a professional-level kitchen item in one. (We bet you saw it in every hip specialty coffee cafe there is, in its minimalist, utilitarian beauty). You can track the water temperature with the brew range thermometer and then enjoy a slow, steady pour with a precision stout. If a man in your life enjoys brewing himself (and you, of course!) a good cup of coffee in the morning, we bet you he will be very (and we mean very) happy with this gift.  

A Pair of Artsy Socks

Don't dismiss socks as boring before peaking into one of Béatrice de Crécy's collections, or stories, as they like to call them, at Bonne Maison socks company. Bonne Maison has been creating Egyptian cotton socks with the most fantastic stories filled with imaginary landscapes, birds, grasshoppers, carnations, irises, trapeze artists, and nudes (to name a few) since 2012. A simple tee and jeans can go a long way with a pair of these on your feet. Three pairs of colorful socks on neutral surface: blue with yellow tips, dark with colorful nude women motif, and geometric in green, blue, beige, red, and black

Laptop Bag

An elegant, minimal work bag that can fit his laptop, charger, water bottle, book, and even his favorite facial device is a gift he's going to both use and appreciate. We recommend Grams28 minimal bags crafted for both style and practicality. Their 171 Laptop Sling is a modern, black messenger bag that's ideal for both travel and everyday use: it's fitted with pockets for organization and made of top-quality full-grain Italian leather known for its durability. 

Grams 28 171 Laptop Sling

Subscription to a Music Streaming App

Or, to put it simply - to Spotify. Spotify's vast music library has over 100 million tracks and 5 million podcasts, with cool features such as countless playlists and scrolling lyrics (remember when we used to Google lyrics?). You can even evoke the mixtape days by creating a list just for him - with your favorite songs, for long-distance travel, a daily commute, or a romantic dinner!    


We hope to have given you some ideas for this Valentine's Day - and if not, you can always offer him a nice dinner, a day trip to the nearby mountains or woods, tickets for a concert or an exhibition. Or, simply, old-fashionedly, and ever-so-lovely - flowers.



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Anna 12/02/2024

I bought my boyfriend Luna for men last year and his skin has improved a lot. This year I will give him UFO 2 as a present

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dora 13/02/2024

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Hello Anna,

Thank you for sharing!

We feel so loved, that our FOREO products are loved by you and your boyfriend!

Sweetest regards! <3


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