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5 Summer Jams to Help You Brush Your Teeth for the Recommended 2 Minutes

Dance your way to pearly whites. With a sparkling new ISSA mini 2 in my hand, I was on a mission to get my recommended two minute brushing routine on. Besides the fact that the toothbrush has a satisfying smiley face indicator that lights up when you reach two minutes, I’m also positive I’ve never brushed my teeth for a full two minutes in my life. Turns out, two minutes is a really long time, especially when you’re standing in front of the mirror staring into the abyss. But fear no more, this summer playlist has the perfect amount of hype to keep you motivated to brush. Once you hit the two minute mark in the song, feel free to just dance it out….you know you want to.

1. Oh Baby - Seizo


2. Feels Like Home - Sigala, Fuse ODG, Sean Paul


3. Don’t Stop - D-Sol


4. Without You ft. Sandro Cavazza - Avicii


5. Doesn’t Matter to Me - Drake ft. Michael Jackson

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89AppjbIEZ4 Will bopping to these beats guarantee a bright white smile? Well... it doesn't hurt to try!

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