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The 90-Second Supercharged Facial Treatment That Made Me Ditch Sheet Masks For Good

Girl Meets UFO.   The latest innovation by FOREO has officially arrived, and just as the name suggests, it’s out of this world. Last week, I was the lucky MYSA writer selected to test the oh-so-sleek UFO, live and in-person. Within 90 seconds of using it, I was hooked.

Your Mask is Sheet

As a beauty aficionado and devout sheet masker, the idea that a device could solve all of the annoyances associated with a traditional sheet mask certainly intrigued me. No more cold, wet sheets of paper slathered all over my face? No more sitting on the couch motionless for twenty-minutes waiting to take it off? No more looking like a mummy straight out of a horror film? OKAY, SIGN ME UP!

What is UFO?

UFO combines the best of beauty and technology for a spa‑worthy facial treatment in just 90 seconds. In other words, UFO boosts the benefits of skincare nutrients thanks to innovative beauty-tech — ensuring you get the most from your facial. How does this actually work? Well, UFO uses Hyper-Infusion Technology and RGB LED light therapy to give you a professional-level treatment in the comfort of your home. Hyper-Infusion Technology combines Cryo-Therapy (cooling) and Thermo-Therapy (heating) with T-Sonic pulsations that allow the nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin. One of the things I love about UFO is the LED light therapy. The combination of red, green and blue LED light offer a wide range of skin benefits such as stimulating collagen (red light), brightening your complexion (green light) and killing bacteria that causes acne (blue light). People pay the big bucks to have access to spa-level LED light, so to have that technology sitting on my bathroom counter is pretty spectacular. I have to say, my favorite part of applying the UFO treatment was the Thermo-Therapy. I hate the feeling of putting cold sheet masks on my face, so to have a warm, sweet scent massaged into my skin was basically heaven on earth.  

What Comes With UFO?

UFO comes in a translucent plastic case with instructions on the back. Tucked inside is a Make My Day UFO Activated Mask to get you started, a plastic stand to display your device, and a USB charging cord. UFO Activated Masks are designed exclusively for use with UFO. The Korean mask formulas clip perfectly onto the device and allow UFO to effortlessly glide across your skin, making sure that every inch of your face gets some essence. The Make My Day and Call it a Night UFO Activated Masks are part of first duo-pack launched by FOREO. The UFO Activated Masks each pair with a pre-programmed treatment routine in the device. For example, the Make My Day treatment that I tried begins with 30 seconds of Thermo-Therapy and red LED light to prep the skin and open the pores. The next 30 seconds integrate T-Sonic pulsations into the treatment to heighten the absorption of the mask essence. The final 30 seconds switch to a green LED treatment and lower frequency pulsations, to even skin tone and add that radiant boost. After trying the Make My Day Treatment I had to do a double-take in the mirror, my skin was G-L-O-W-I-N-G. #skingoals

Using UFO

It may sound super complicated, but using UFO is foolproof. You simply remove the UFO Activated Mask from the sachet, clip it onto the device and then press the universal button to activate the Make My Day Treatment (or press twice for the Call it a Night Treatment). Once the treatment starts, you slowly massage the mask formula into your skin while the device works its magic for 90 seconds. Sound simple enough? It was. You can also customize your UFO settings - and your facials - as much as you like!  

Why UFO Is My New Replacement for Sheet Masks

I’m a girl on the move, as much as I wish most of my days were spent lounging around at home trying different beauty products, they’re not. Everyone has 90 seconds in a day to spare, and UFO makes its possible to pamper yourself as needed, without the time commitment. Besides the time-saving aspect, UFO gives my skin everything it could ever want, all tucked inside a small, yet powerful device. My personal UFO tried-and-tested score: 10/10. I’m officially a UFO-believer.



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Ana 22/08/2018

Your writing style is so captivating and beautiful. I love the way you guide the reader into a magical and clear language. It may sound strange but i was looking for ways to create diys masks and i found you. While reading i saw the tagline title of this beautiful device and because i work in a spa in an african country with no time for myself even night routine (2kids) i found this useful and practical.
Thank you for the great explanation
Best wishes

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FOREO 22/08/2018

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Hi, Ana! Thank you for your lovely review and enjoy your Foreo!


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