Let’s face it: skin care is a complicated subject. And complicated subjects are often crowded with unsolicited advice. But when it comes to your face, what do you really need to know to get healthy, beautiful skin at every age? We interviewed esthetician Eileen Harcourt to get the skin care scoop. (Main image: pexels


What is your top skin care tip of all time?

Do not pick at your skin. However, learning the proper way to self-massage is extremely helpful for getting a glow.


What is the most known but least followed skin care tip?

Avoid the sun! Sun damage is the #1 cause for premature aging. Always wear sunglasses and a hat in the sun. And reapply your sunscreen! Most people apply their sunscreen 7 a.m. after cleansing, so chances are it’s no longer effective at noon when you head out to lunch and need it the most.


What is your most surprising skin care tip?

There are a few! Wear your hair off of your face. Keep your pillowcases scrupulously clean. Use turmeric paste to reduce the size of a pimple


How do you recommend taking care of your skin in more holistic ways?

Try to maintain an anti-inflammatory diet. Drink goat yogurt instead of cow yogurt, and avoid shellfish—it is horrible for the skin! I also recommend avoiding processed foods. If you live in a big, polluted city, get out of town whenever you can. Breathing in clean, fresh air and walking through the country is amazing for the skin and body.


What are your best skin care tips for your 20s?

Less is more. Stick to a great cleanser, exfoliant, lightweight protective moisturizer, and sunscreen.


How would you approach skin care in your 30s?

Start to add alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic as part of your daily routine and get a great eye cream.


What does your skin need in your 40s?

Anti-aging treatment and products need to be part of your daily routine in your 40s. Try to get professional facials once a month to help bring back a youthful glow.


What do you need to know about skin care in your 50s?

Look for active ingredients and reparative treatments. Also, allow more time in your daily routine for your skin care needs. On the whole, drink less coffee, get more rest, and take supplements to deal with hormonal changes that affect your skin.



What about skin care in your 60s and beyond?

Keep active because keeping your body and mind active stimulates the skin and cell production. This is the one time in your life you will want heavy moisturizers and daily applications of retinoids or vitamin C products. As my mother told me, the reason we retire in our 60s is because our personal maintenance takes up so much more time!


What’s the best piece of skin care advice you’ve ever received?

Adjust your skin care routine with the seasons—or that nipple cream makes a fabulous lip treatment!