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Ask a dermatologist: How to get clean and healthy skin

We asked Dr. Roy Moutran what is the secret of healthy skin. Facial cleansing is essential to treat and to prevent skin conditions, it is not only part of hygiene, it is also part of the medical protocol in dermatology.

Find out what your skin needs

While the answer might be obvious to many, skin cleansing varies on the condition of your skin. Consult your dermatologist to better select the right type of cleansers, gel, micellar water, cream etc. While assuming that your skin routine is doing you all the good, you could very well, with a simple misstep, damage your skin. The Best Treatments for Dry Facial SkinA regular routine consists of cleaning your skin twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Having said that, a deep cleansing routine is advised once to twice weekly, at the most.

Finding a cleansing balance

There are two types of skins. Dry skin should be washed with moisturizers and gentle soap, while greasy skin should be washed with gels containing salicylic acids to help minimize the breakout of acne. How to Layer Skincare Products Whether you clean your skin in the morning or whether you clean your skin at night, make sure your cleansing routine is correctly repeated; meaning, if you clean your skin less than needed, impurities will remain in the skin and close the pores. If you clean your skin more than needed, you might damage it.

Special routine for special condition

While the treatment of skin diseases (acne, rosacea, eczema …) requires medical creams, the hygiene of the skin has an important role to play in the treatment of these diseases.  For instance, the proper cleansing of the face with salicylic acid cleansing gel will help achieve a better outcome for the acne problems. Concerning rosacea, oral and local antibiotics are also needed, but the cleansing regimen should be much more gentle using moisturizing washing creams. You need to take your skin routine seriously as it will have a long term impact on your skin, so the protocol you follow has to be correct for your skin type, skin condition, environment, seasons, diet & so on..

Choosing the right cleansing device

While many of you revert to the traditional methods of skin cleansing, it’s good to keep up with the latest techniques. If you’re looking for the safe option, LUNA3 by FOREO is a facial cleansing advanced device that works via a mobile application. LUNA 3 next to FOREO appThe device is handy, available for 3 skin types (sensitive, regular, combination), it is a great tool to add to your skincare routine because, LUNA3 will clean your face, as the silicone bristles glide over your face, with regulated pulsations that will remove all the impurities, in one minute.  Silicone is the best global material to use for facial cleansing, better than tissues, cottons & other material, which can damage your skin, if used routinely. FOREO LUNA 2 silicone brush details cover On the other side, LUNA3 works as an anti-aging massage device, an advanced method to apply your serum. I find this device very efficient, very safe & most of all, disciplinary as it guides its user for the correct facial cleansing method in the right way & for the right time.


Supercharged facial treatments for extra care

Even if you just walked out of the shower, or even after a simple cleansing, the skin is ready to absorb the treatment you provide it with. UFO, another device by FOREO is a supercharged 2-minute facial device that also operates via a mobile application to give the best results, as the device is multi-functional. LUNA 3 next to FOREO appUFO is equipped with Hyper Infusion technology which gently warms your skin making the skincare ingredients more absorbable, it also cools it down once the treatment is finished, to reduce skin puffiness. UFO is also equipped with LED lights red, green & blue.

Red LED light

The red light will infuse into the cell and it will enhance blood circulation and oxygenation. This will allow better detoxification with cellular repair and growth, allowing an increase in a number of collagen cells and fibroblasts to reduce wrinkles and lines.

Green LED light

On the other hand, the green LED light will work on smoothing the skin and giving it a more balanced tone and a better glow; It also works on lightening your dark circles under the eyes.

Blue LED light

Finally, the blue LED light has the potential to work on your oil glance to kill the bacteria causing acne. Therefore, the light will help in shrinking the oil glance.


Accordingly to your skin type and condition, your dermatologist will help you choose the most appropriate treatments that should be applied to your skin. The cumulative power of the LED lights, Warming, Cooling and T-sonic pulsations enhances the power of your skincare ingredients and allows better integration of the nutrients and vitamins.  



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Susana barboza 05/06/2020

If I have rosácea what can I use to clean my face

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carly 05/06/2020

In reply to by Susana barboza


Hi Susana! With any skin complaints we would always recommend speaking to your dermatologist when thinking of adding anything new to your skin care routine! However if you are interested in the Foreo range I would recommend contacting our customer care team who would be able to guide you through what devices and treatments are best suited.

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Ray Watson 02/05/2022

I have used many products for my dull skin tone but i tell you dermalmd lightening serum is one is my favourite among all, the reason behind that it is fast reactive towards the dullness also it’s price is quite decent. MUST buy for skin lightening


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