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Book of the Week: "Body Love - A Journal" by Kelly LeVeque

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New week - new book. This week we picked for you the interesting book "Body Love: A Journal" by Kelly LeVeque. Read why you should read it. 

Learn how to eat healthily

You are what you eat and that's why you need to learn how to eat healthily. This book is a practical guide to help you change your relationship with food and your body. It offers simple tips and effective strategies to make small, sustainable changes that will lead to big results. If you're struggling with emotional eating, body image issues, or yo-yo dieting, this book is for you. Kelly LeVeque shows you how to break the cycle of bad eating habits and create a healthy, balanced relationship with food. "Body Love: A Journal" provides convenient tools that let you monitor how eating the Fab Four (protein, fat, fiber, and greens) affects your mood, weight, and appearance, including:

  • 90 days of daily meal tracking
  • Weekly and monthly check-ins
  • Tips and tricks for eating the Fab Four every day
  • Movement, water intake, and bridge snack checkboxes
  • Fab Four quick reference charts
  • And inspiration from Kelly to keep you motivated!

Are you ready to start eating healthy?

If the answer is yes (and why it wouldn't be), then grab a copy of "Body Love: A Journal" and let Kelly LeVeque show you the way! Eating healthy is important for many reasons. It can help you maintain a healthy weight, have more energy, and avoid different diseases. Eating healthy can also help you if you are fighting acne which is why you should start with acne diet: a beginner’s guide to clear skin eating. [caption id="attachment_11963" align="aligncenter" width="803"]healthy eating Healthy food helps you maintain a healthy weight, have more energy, and avoid different diseases[/caption]

Why do you need to read "Body Love: A Journal"?

The best reasons will give you people who already have read this interesting book: Helping me to ease out of a diet culture mindset while focusing on health. Love Kelly and this journal! It has helped me be specific in my thinking, intentions, and plan! ❤️ This is a cute, fun book to help with mindful eating. I'm enjoying writing in it daily! I absolutely love this journal. I am only in week one and I can feel the shift in my eating, mindfulness, and productivity. Kelly can do no wrong in my book. I have her books, her protein, and her online courses. She is a true beacon of knowledge and positivity!



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nicely lu 17/06/2022

Healthy food helps you maintain a healthy weight, have more energy, and avoid different diseases


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