“Happy Not Perfect” by Poppy Jamie is all about learning how to retrain your brain for happiness. This book is all about making the most of every day and not letting negative thoughts hold you back, regardless of what life throws your way.

What is “Happy Not Perfect” about?

One of the main messages in this book is that happiness isn’t a destination – it’s something that we have to work on every single day. The author encourages readers to focus on the present moment and to find joy in everyday activities.

The book is full of tips, tricks and exercises that are designed to help readers become happier and more positive people. For example, the author suggests carrying around a notebook to write down things that make you happy, or starting each day with a gratitude list.

Perfectionism isn’t life’s purpose

Due to a culture that encourages perfection, hustle, and fictional life/work balance, many are burning out. Behind her Instagram-projected image of “happy wellness founder,” Poppy Jamie was also struggling mightily with perfectionism and life purpose.

“Happy Not Perfect” is a book that challenges people to be flexible with their thinking.

Jamie discovered that it is possible to create new neural pathways in your brain to break patterns of avoidance, challenge fears of not being good enough, and turn failure around by stretching the mind with new, healthier thought habits.

The old wiring (and habits) that you’ve been stuck with can be written over. You can actually upgrade your headspace to make curiosity, vulnerability, compassion, and emotional flexibility your default settings.

In the emphatic and trusted voice of Bridget Jones meets neuroscience, Poppy shares her Flexy Thoughts approach for changing how you react to emotional triggers and think of yourself while improving your mental and physical health, relationships, and vision of the future.

What do others say about this book?

Poppy is one of my favorite voices in the world, always in pursuit of understanding, information, and empathy.

“Happy Not Perfect” by Poppy Jamie is one of best self-help books I have ever read. Suffering from burnout and exhaustion, the author read every self-help book she could find, consulted with experts, and then took all of this knowledge and developed her own system to calm her anxiety. It is this system that she shares with readers of this book. She offers no easy solutions or false promises.

“Happy Not Perfect” is a book that challenges people to be flexible with their thinking. We often find ourselves fixated on things that do not serve us, or we hide the qualities that make us unique, all while putting up a false front to appear happier for people that are probably just as miserable. This is a book that suggests maybe it’s better to take a step back to analyze our negative thoughts instead of drowning in them.