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Best Ways to Tighten Skin on the Face

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While wrinkles and fine lines are the first signs of aging (and busy life!) to show on the skin, there’s another sign that often appears: the loss of tone of the skin. We may start to notice that the cheeks and eyelids begin to sag a little, the skin of the neck becomes thinner and no longer has the same firmness, all because as we get older, our bodies produce less and less collagen and elastin. But just because the skin sags, doesn't mean you have to give up! There are ways to control this and achieve toned, firm and elastic skin. If you’re interested in how to tighten face skin naturally at home, keep on reading.

Why does the face sag?

It is the combination of several factors that causes sagging skin, particularly visible on the face and neck. Read the text to find out more.


As we age, our muscles decrease more and more! That's why we lose strength as we get older. Unfortunately, it is especially visible on the face and it makes the skin sag and wrinkles and dark circles more prominent.

Decreased bone mass

The malar bone located at the level of the cheekbones tends to resorb over time and literally drags down our cheeks.

Relaxation of fatty tissue

It's not just the muscles that relax with age, the fat also begins to atrophy and causes the skin to become saggier.

The loss of collagen

Collagen is an essential element in maintaining firm skin. However, the fibroblasts responsible for the production of collagen decrease over time. Collagen becomes scarce, loses quality, and it is then that wrinkles appear and the sagging of the face takes place.

The drop in hyaluronic acid

One of the major roles of hyaluronic acid is to ensure optimal hydration of our skin. However, as we age, its rate drops and our skin dries out, losing its tone and firmness..


Repeated and poorly protected exposure to the sun promotes the acceleration of skin aging. One of the main victims of sun exposure are fibroblasts, responsible for collagen and elastin production. Basically, UV rays alter the DNA of cells and the production of fibroblasts is then reduced. [caption id="attachment_8426" align="aligncenter" width="768"] Repeated and poorly protected exposure to the sun promotes the acceleration of skin aging.[/caption]


Maintaining a diet rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids is essential in keeping skin firm and plump. In addition, an excessive consumption of sugar will lead to a phenomenon of glycation which will promote the multiplication of free radicals responsible for the aging of the skin and its sagging. Antioxidants help fight free radicals so make sure to consume them daily. [caption id="attachment_11963" align="aligncenter" width="999"] Healthy diet will keep your skin glowing and firm.[/caption]

Cigarettes and pollution

Both responsible for accelerating the aging of the skin, they lead to cell oxidation and the multiplication of free radicals. A bad combination for the skin that causes a drop in its elasticity. 

Skin aging

In the natural process of aging of our skin, cell renewal decreases, elastin and collagen production is dropping... and the skin suffers. If we do nothing, our face gradually starts to sag.

How to firm the skin?

Use microcurrents

Since the production of collagen and elastin drops with age, it is up to us to go and draw them from the source! To firm the skin of the neck and face, the 69 muscles can be stimulated using micro-current technology. Using a small adapted device, very weak electric currents are diffused through the skin. This technique, also popular with doctors to treat certain injuries, promotes the production of collagen and tones the muscles!


[caption id="attachment_10979" align="aligncenter" width="810"]BEAR FOREO facelift The world's first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with Anti-Shock System, BEAR combines anti-aging microcurrent tech with T-Sonic massage to safely & effectively train & tone the 65+ muscles in your face & neck for lasting results.[/caption]

Use targeted products

Thankfully, the beauty industry has produced many serums, creams, and effective masks to restore elasticity to your face and to hydrate the skin. You can even go to an institute for targeted treatment to help you out and create a routine you can do from the comfort of your home. Choose treatments rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and antioxidants. They are the best allies of plumped skin!

Cleanse your skin every day

After a tiring day, make sure to take the time to cleanse your face before going to sleep - your skin will thank you! Pollution, impurity, make-up, they all clog the pores of the skin and prevent it from breathing. They are responsible for the oxidative stress that blocks cells. And for a firm and young-looking skin, cell renewal is very important. So cleanse the skin thoroughly with a LUNA, cleansing brush and exfoliate once or twice a week for a deeper cleanse.

Practice facial gymnastics

For a firmer neck, lift your chin up, draw your jaw forward, and hold in this position for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat ten times a day. This stimulates the muscle fibers and tightens the skin. You can also practice the spoon exercise! Place the handle of a spoon between your lips and lift it using your jaw. Stay in this position smiling for ten seconds and repeat ten times. This exercise raises the cheekbones and strengthens the neck.

Protect yourself from the sun

On vacation, at the beach, in the mountains - apply sunscreen, put on a hat, look for the shade! You will protect your skin against sagging, wrinkles and dark spots. It's not only to keep your skin firm and plump, but also to protect yourself from cancer. [caption id="attachment_6065" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Girl eating watermelon during sunrise On vacation, at the beach, in the mountains - apply sunscreen, put on a hat, look for the shade![/caption]

Hydrate the skin

As we age, the cells that help skin stay hydrated and elastic break down. We must therefore give our cells a boost by using moisturizing and nourishing creams. The ideal scenario is to use treatments rich in vitamins C and E which have antioxidant properties. If you prefer to use 100% natural products, opt for coconut oil whose moisturizing reputation is well established .

Maintain a balanced diet

Certain nutrients are essential to keeping your skin firm: vitamins A, C, E but also amino acids or magnesium. These substances are mainly found in fruits and vegetables, but also in eggs, dairy products, etc. The best way to ensure you consume them regularly is by adopting a healthy diet. It is also a good idea to limit the consumption of sugar or over-grilled meat that are usually responsible for the phenomenon of glycation harmful to the skin.


Facial exercises are important, but you also need to be physically active! In addition to being good for health in general, some types of exercise are indeed particularly beneficial for the skin because they boost tissue oxygenation. Well-oxygenated skin improves cell renewal and the absorption of skincare products. In addition, perspiration detoxifies the skin! A cocktail of benefits for firm, beautiful skin.

Get enough sleep

At night and during sleep, cell renewal is at its highest level. Sleeping eight hours per night is ideal for keeping skin beautiful and firm. [caption id="attachment_8606" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Sleeping eight hours per night is ideal for keeping skin beautiful and firm.[/caption]

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

In addition to a balanced diet and good night's sleep, a healthy lifestyle also means moderate consumption of alcohol (which dehydrates the skin) and cigarettes (responsible for destroying our beautiful cells). The good news is that when you stop smoking, the benefits for the skin are very quickly visible: it becomes firmer again in just a few days!

Get a hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid is an ultra-powerful moisturizing substance. It restores the firmness of the face and smooths out wrinkles. This is the reason why it is so successful and popular in aesthetic medicine. Not to mention that it is an easy procedure (using a syringe) and temporary - one injection offers almost 8 months of youthful-looking skin. Then, you have to get another dose. It may be painful for the wallet, but unlike cosmetic surgery, it doesn't last forever in case you change your mind!

Consider plastic surgery

In the most extreme cases, when the skin is really too loose and you are experiencing this situation particularly badly, cosmetic surgery may be the answer. A facelift is then the solution for this type of problem, but bear in mind it is surgery - it is, therefore, necessary to have a trusted doctor who will perform the surgery in the best possible way.

Hello, firm skin!

Don't wait around for your skin to become saggy and make sure to take care of your face and neck as soon as possible. Your radiant and youthful skin will be forever thankful!

Get your favorite FOREO device!



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Lucinda 09/05/2022

Great article and there's a lot of useful tips I should adopt! I did face yoga before I got my bear. While face yoga was a bit effective, the bear was extremely effective!

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jelena 16/05/2022

In reply to by Lucinda


Yes! :)
BEAR is highly effective, but it is also one of the safest microcurrent devices out there. Namely, BEAR is the world's first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with Anti-Shock System, made to help improve facial contour, sagging & the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles in just 2 mins. :)

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Elena 11/05/2022

This article is really useful and I loved it! I got me a Bear too and I can see the results that I love. My skin seems to be happy with it, especially after gentle exfoliation.

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Anna 16/05/2022

I love this kind of article - full of useful facts! Exfoliation is really important, but I have noticed that UFO 2 help to tighten my skin and to repairs everyday damage the sun does.. That's my secret and holy grail!

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Leonard 14/06/2022

Nonsurgical skin tightening surely is an effective procedure with little to no downtime that targets areas of the skin's deeper layer by stimulating collagen and elastin production, which helps improve skin tone and texture. This will last a long time, but it will depend on how frequently you receive such injections, which will gradually result in a change after undergoing this treatment.


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